Pages 1-115

Pages 1-115

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Architectural Lighting in Museums
Nicolay I. Shchepetkov

Pages 43–52

LEDs in Museums: New Opportunities and Challenges
Eugene I. Rozovsky, Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Anna G. Shakhparunyants, Pavel A. Fedorishchev

Pages 53-58

Pages 59-65

Pages 66-72

Pages 73-80

LED Museum Lighting: Back to Natural Light
Alexander L. Zakgeim, Andrei V. Aladov, Anton E. Chernyakov

Pages 81-88

Pages 89–92

Museum Lighting: Approach, Example and Direction
Dmitry M. Hodyrev, Sergei V. Koynov

Pages 93-100

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Pages 108-114

Pages 1-116

Pages 1-116

Pages 4–13

Light Desynchronosis and Health
Vladimir N. Anisimov

Pages 14–25

Pages 26–31

Application of Display Technologies for Lighting
Andrei A. Belyaev, Donatien K. Nessemon, Viktor V. Belyaev

Pages 32-38

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