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Results of Spatial Structure of Atmosphere Radiation in a Spectral Range (1.5–2) µm Research
Anton M. Mishchenko, Igor V . Yakimenko, Sergei S. Rachkovsky, Vladimir A. Smolin

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Standardization of Lighting Fixtures and Installations for Greenhouses
George V. Boos, Eugene I. Rozovsky, Leonid B. Prikupets, Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya

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Analysis of Errors in the Relief of Scattering Microstructures in LightConducting Systems Modelling
Andrei D. Zhdanov, Dmitriy D. Zhdanov, Igor S. Potyomin, Nikolai N. Bogdanov

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UV Disinfection Technologies for Water, Air and Surface Treatment
Alexander I. Vasilyev, Denis A. Sobur, Dmitry V. Sokolov, Sergey V. Kostyuchenko, Nikolai N. Kudryavtsev

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Lighting of Engineering Structures and Industrial Facilities New Aspects of the Topic
George N. Cherkasov, Nikolai I. Shepetkov, Vladimir A. Novikov

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Highly Effective Covering Materials with Quantum Dots for Greenhouses
Elena Yu. Maksimova, Eugene M. Antipov, Natalia E. Sherstenyova, Sergei A. Pavlov, Sergei L. Koryakin

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Development of Nnew Photometric Standards Based on High Power LEDs
Boris B. Khlevnoy, Eugene V. Tyshchenko, Eugene A. Ivashin, Stanislav S. Shirokov

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Analysis of LED Driver Topologies with Respect to Power Factor and THD
Amit Soni, Aniruddha Mukherjee, Trilok Chandra Bansal

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