The mission of the JOURNAL is to create an open platform for interdisciplinary communication and exchange of scientific information. The results of fundamental and applied research in the field of light science within the framework of radiation and photometric representations are published here for the first time. The article analyzes the practical application of these results in all spheres of life where artificial lighting is used.

Lighting engineering is a field of science and technology, the subject of which is the development of methods of generation and spatial redistribution of optical radiation, as well as its transformation into other types of energy for use in various purposes.

XXI century-century of light. The field of light applications is constantly expanding nowadays. The presence of a single scientific and technical journal allows us to consider the fundamental theoretical and applied problems from all spheres of light use from a single scientific position. "Lighting / Light & Engineering" is the only magazine in the world, which, along with the problems of lighting, deals with the problems of using light for technological purposes within the photometric theory of the light field.

The journal is fully consistent with the challenges of the convergence of Sciences and technologies. Its special task is to structure the base of diverse scientific and practical knowledge accumulated over decades of research into a single system. For the development of lighting engineering as for the field of interdisciplinary knowledge is very important to the correct understanding of any terms and entities by all participants in the scientific process. After all, publications outside the unified positions of ray representations often lead to the creation of duplicate systems of terminology and discoveries of what has long been discovered in other areas.

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