About the Journal

Mission is the development of light science within the framework of ray and photometric representations and the application of its results for comfortable lighting, for technological purposes, medicine. Lighting engineering is a field of science and technology, the subject of which is the development generation methods, spatial redistribution of optical radiation, as well as its transformation into other types of energy and use for various purposes.

The 21st century is the age of light. The field of light applications is now continuously expanding. The presence of a single scientific and technical journal allows us to consider the fundamental theoretical and applied problems from all areas of the use of light in production, on recreation and in the life of mankind, from unified scientific positions. “Svetotekhnika” is the only journal in the world that along with lighting problems deals with the problems of using light for technological purposes within the framework of photometric light field theory. The most important role of the use of light is due to the fact that more than 15% of all generated electricity is used for lighting.

Publications on the topic of the use of light in highly specialized journals outside the unified positions of ray representations lead to the creation of various, duplicative terminology systems, discoveries that have long been discovered in other areas.

The journal “Svetotekhnika” and its English version “Light & Engineering” are included in all key world science databases – Scopus, Web of Science and Russian RINC, which allows it to be informationally connected with the world and Russian lighting engineering science. The journal “Svetotekhnika” is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia.

Each article published in the journal undergoes obligatory double “blind” review, which guarantees a high scientific level of publications.

The journal publishes articles in the following areas: