Light & Engineering 30 (5)

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Research of the Characteristics of a Modular Luminaire with LEDs for Outdoor Lighting L&E, Vol.30, No.5, 2022
Nina P. Nesterkina, Olga Yu. Kovalenko, Julia A. Zhuravlyova, Ilya A. Oleynik, Svetlana A. Shegurenkova

Pages 98–105

New Method for Determining Distances to Remote Objects L&E, Vol.30, No.5, 2022
Anatoly I. Nikitin, Vadim A. Nikitin, Alexander M. Velichko, Tamara F. Nikitina

Pages 106–110

Pages 92–97

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Pages 64–71

Pages 56–63

Development of a Hyperspectral System with Controlled Spectral, Spatial, and Radiometric Resolution L&E, Vol.30, No.5, 2022
Vladimir V. Shipko, Vitold E. Pozhar, Alexander S. Machikhin, Ivan A. Balandin, Sergey M. Borzov, Alexander V. Lushchik, Alexander V. Kiselev

Pages 31–39

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