Light & Engineering 30 (6)

Pages 60–68

Pages 84–89

Pages 97–105

Studying of Degradation of Fluorescent Properties of Graphite-Like Carbon Nitride L&E, Vol.30, No.6, 2022
Pavel V. Zinin, Alexander V. Pavlov, Artyom S. Galkin, Andrey L. Golovin

Pages 69–78

Pages 37–42

Pages 7–14

Pages 90–96

Pages 79–83

Pages 51–54

Method of Wave-Front Characterisation in Endoscopic Probes L&E, Vol.30, No.6, 2022
Anastasia A. Zolotukhina, Anastasiya V. Guryleva, Alexander S. Machikhin

Pages 22–27

Pages 106–123

Pages 124–132

Pages 43–50

Pages 55–59

Development of an Ophthalmological Video System for a Stereomicroscope for Vitreoretinal Operations L&E, Vol.30, No.6, 2022
Alexandra E. Gavlina, Vladislav I. Batshev, Alexei S. Veselov, Ivan A. Balandin

Pages 33–36

Development of a Multispectral Video Endoscope for Recognition of Foreign Substances during Non-destructive Testing of Hard-to-reach Cavities L&E, Vol.30, No.6, 2022
Vladislav I. Batshev, Alexander S. Machikhin, Alexander V. Kryukov, Alina S. Beliaeva, Ivan A. Balandin, Victor N. Solovyov, Michail Yu. Minenkov, Darya A. Shumakova, Eugene Yu. Kulkov, Vitold E. Pozhar

Pages 15–21

Colour Reproduction by System Consisting of a Radiation Source and Acousto-optic Tuneable Filter L&E, Vol.30, No.6, 2022
Alina S. Beliaeva, Galina E. Romanova, Vladislav I. Batshev, Milana O. Sharikova

Pages 28–32

Pages 1-138

Pages 1-138