The rules of paper submision for publication in Light & Engineering


Original text of paper is preparing in electron version, Word doc. File, Times New Roman type 12. Parameters of paper are: 2 cm from the bottom, from the top, from the right and 3 cm from the left, not more, than 12-15 pages with figures. Line-to-line spacing is 1.5 Title is typing by bold capital letters after that author names and theirs affiliation and electron address are typing. The volume of Abstracts is not more than 150-250 words. They have to represent the main idea of an article. Keywords have to be after abstracts.

Keywords: title, author name, abstract, keywords, equations, figure, tables, references, author

The equations have to be print on individual line with the dot or comma at the end in dependence of the next information and before the number of equation. The number of equation has to be put in round brackets. The formulas in the manuscript of the article must be typed in the MathType program. Articles with formulas typed by the new built-in Microsoft Word (Word 2007 - 2016) editor of the EqEd formulas are not accepted. The format (version) of the Microsoft® Word 2003 doc is preferred.

References in text is a number in square brackets, the full reference is in list of references.

Figures: The map is shown in Fig.1., or in Figs. 2-8 (inside text).

Fig.1. The map

Table: Table1. Volt-ampere Characteristics of LED Lamps

Lamp # Current, mA Voltage, V
1 20 3.0
40 3.4


1. Laurentin, C., Berruto, V., Fontynont, M. Effect of thermal conditions and light source type on visual comfort appraisal. Lighting Research & Technology, 2000. V32, #4, pp.223-233

2. …. Each paper has to contain coloured photo of each author and his small resume:
( Dr. Ivanov graduated from ……… university in 1999….. At present time his position is General Director of…..)

Authors coloured photos and short bios

Raisa Stolyarevskaya, Dr. of Tech. Sc., graduated from Kazan State University in 1968, physical faculty. She has more than 30 years experience in metrology, photometry and radiometry. At present she is editor of Light & Engineering Journal and scientific consultant in VNISI, country member in Division 2 CIE