Light & Engineering 25 (4)

Pages 1-152

Evaluation of Illumination Quality Based on SpatialAngular Luminance Distribution. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Vladimir P. Budak, Renat Sh. Notfullin, Tatiana V. Meshkova, Victor S. Zheltov

Pages 24-31

LED Drivers and Discharge Lamps Control Gears. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Mikhail E. Klykov, Tatyana A. Agafonova

Pages 32-40

Optoelectronic Communication in the Atmosphere Using Diff use Laser Radiation Experiments in the Field. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Vladimir V. Belov, Mikhail V. Tarasenkov, Andrei N. Kudryavtsev, Andrei V. Fedosov, Vladimir N. Abramochkin, Yuri V. Gridnev

Pages 41-49

Pages 50-56

Pages 57-64

Comparison of Single Phase Buck-Boost and SEPIC LED Driver. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Bekir Çakır, Erdal Sehirli, Meral Altınay, Özgür Üstün

Pages 92-98

Pages 99-108

Design of a Self-Adapted LED Desk Lamp Based on TCS3414CS. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Chen Jingyu, Ge Aiming, Rulong Hao, Xinran Tao, Zhu Ling

Pages 109-113

Pages 115-122

Pages 123-129

Pages 130-133

Electroluminescent Light Source Emissivity Simulation. L&E 25 (4) 2017
Alexander M. Kabyshev, Evgeny N. Kozyrev, Igor N. Goncharov, Roman O. Askerov, Vladimir V. Urumov

Pages 141-144

Pages 145-148