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Studies of Application of LED-Based Lighting Devices in a Car Assembly Shop. L&E 27 (6) 2019

Light & Engineering 27 (6)

Volume 27
Date of publication 12/20/2019
Pages 65–72


Studies of Application of LED-Based Lighting Devices in a Car Assembly Shop. L&E 27 (6) 2019
Articles authors:
Svetlana Yu. Minaeva, Vladimir P. Budak

Svetlana Yu. Minaeva, student of M. Sc. program of NRU MPEI (Lighting Engineering department)

Vladimir P. Budak, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 1981, he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). At present, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Svetotekhnika / Light & Engineering journals, Professor of the Subdepartment of Light and Engineering in NRU “MPEI”. Full member of the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of Russia

The article describes the problem of replacement of active fluorescent lamp lighting installations of an assembly line of a car assembly plant with LED LDs including a comparison of the gained lighting and economic indicators. Therefore, several LED-based LDs by different manufacturers were selected. Based on LI computer modelling using DIALux Evo, an optimal option in terms of light engineering and economy was found. Lighting characteristics of the active LI and areas of the assembly line with the application of LED-based LDs were determined experimentally. The results of the study allow assessing relevant changing of visual performance of shop workers and to compare the pay-off periods of LED and fluorescent lamps-based lighting devices.
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