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Modernisation of Lighting Systems of a Casting and Extrusion Plant in Krasnoyarsk L&E 28 (1) 2020

Light & Engineering 28 (1)

Volume 28
Date of publication 02/20/2020
Pages 43–50


Modernisation of Lighting Systems of a Casting and Extrusion Plant in Krasnoyarsk L&E 28 (1) 2020
Articles authors:
Galina M. Belan, Alexander T. Ovcharov

Galina M. Belan, Master of Tecnology in Optical Engineering. In 2012, she graduated from the Laser and Light Engineering sub-department of Tomsk Polytechnic University. At present, she is the Head of the department of lighting systems design of FiztekhEnergo JSC

Alexander T. Ovcharov, Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 1966, he graduated from Tomsk Radioelectronics and Electronic Equipment Institute. At present, he is the Professor of the Architectural Design sub-department of Tomsk State Architectural and Construction University, Director of Svetovye Sistemy LLC, Member of Editorial Boards of Svetoteknika and Light & Engineering Journals. His research interests: design and development of high energy-efficient lighting systems

The article describes modernisation of the lighting systems of Segal Casting and Extrusion Plant LLC in Krasnoyarsk and technical solutions of its implementation. The parameters of the new lighting system based on Diora Craft LED luminaires are presented and it is shown that replacement of luminaires based on high pressure mercury lamps (HPML) with LED luminaires allows saving 73.5 % of power consumed by lighting with high quality of the light environment established in the shops of the plant. Payback period of such modernisation is 1 year.
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