Light & Engineering 30 (№2. 2022). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 30 (2)

Volume 30
Date of publication 04/12/2022
Pages 102

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Light & Engineering 30 (№2. 2022). Electronic version
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Suddhasatwa Chakraborty and Saswati Mazumdar
Laboratory Experiment Based Studies on Effect of Peripheral Source on on-Axis Visual Performance

Alexander Yu. Basov, George V. Boos,, Vladimir P. Budak, and Anton V. Grimailo
Luminance Factor Modelling for an Arbitrary Surface

Alexei A. Bartsev and Alexandra A. Bartseva
Methodology of Imaging Photometric Device Using in Museum

Vyacheslav A. Panin and Mikhail A. Fedorishchev
Mobile Device and Method for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density Measurement in Greenhouse

Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Mikhail A. Fedorishchev, and Alyona B. Kuznetsova
Improvement of Mobile Method for Road Photometric Parameters Measurements

George V. Boos, Vladimir P. Budak, Ekaterina I. Ilyina, and Tatyana V. Meshkova
Scaling of Visual Tasks Sensations from Human Centric Lighting Point of View

Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Human-Centered Architectural Lighting Design in Prisons

Rimma A. Ilikeeva, Svetlana A. Shilova, Oleg A. Popov, and Vladimir A. Levchenko
Ferrite-Free Сlosed-Loop 13,56 MHz Inductively-Coupled Low Mercury Pressure UV lamp

Stepan G. Nebaba and Nikolay G. Markov
Effectiveness of Moving Objects Detecting and Tracking inAirspace by Images in Near Infrared

Lorinc Garai and Andras Horvath
Measuring Age-Dependence of Colour Afterimage Perception

Shovakar Bhattacharjee, Kalyan Kr. Roy, and Saswati Mazumdar
Artificial Skylight – ​a Novel Photovoltaic Approach for Daylight Harvesting

George V. Boos, Andrey A. Grigoryev, and Victoria A. Rybina
Research into Monochromatic Colour Vision Thresholds and Determination of the Trichromatic Colour-Matching Coefficients


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