Light & Engineering 28 (№4. 2020). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 28 (4)

Volume 28
Date of publication 08/15/2020
Pages 1-124

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Light & Engineering 28 (№4. 2020). Electronic version
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Alexander L. Wasserman
Air Disinfection by UV Germicidal Radiation

Vladimir V. Voronov and Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
On Methodology for Designing Architectural Lighting of Production Site Interior Part 111: Results and Conclusions

Boris A. Veklenko
Energy, Information, and Superluminal Speed in Quantum Electrodynamics

Alexander V. Leonidov
Analytic Representation of Relation between Solar Altitude Angle and Local Time for Calculating Daylight Irradiance and Illuminance of the Earth Surface

Olga V. Nikolaeva
On Variants of the Main Atmospheric Correction Formula

Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Effects of Luminaire Angle and Illumination Topology on Illumination Parameters in Road Lighting

Olga Yu. Kovalenko and Yulia A. Zhuravlyova
Analysis of Characteristics of Halogen and LED Automobile Lamps

Busra Kose and Tugce Kazanasmaz
Applicability of a Prismatic Panel to Optimize Window Size and Depth of a South‑facing Room for a Better Daylight Performance

Behcet Kocaman
Energy Efficiency in Lighting for Historical Buildings: Case Study of the El Aman Caravanserai in Province of Bitlis, Turkey

Serhat Berat Efe and Derman Varhan
Interior Lighting of a Historical Building by Using LED Luminaires: A Case Study of Fatih Paşa Mosque

Nadezhda P. Kondratieva, Dmitry A. Filatov, and Pavel V . Terentiev
Study of Operating Modes of a Controllable Lighting System Consisting of a Triac Dimmer and a LED Light Source with a Controllable Driver

Musa Cıbuk
Reducing Energy Consumption in Single-Hop and Multi‑Hop Topologies of Road Lighting Communication Network

Moutusi Bag, Saswati Mazumdar, and Kalyan Kumar Ray
A Cost-Effective Illuminance Sensor for DaylightHarvesting Lighting Control Systems

Zheng Huang, Qiang Liu, Ying Liu, Michael Pointer, Peter Bodrogi, Tran Quoc Khanh and Anqing Liu
Gender Difference in Colour Preference of Lighting: A Pilot Study


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