Light & Engineering 19 (3)

Light & Engineering 19 (3)

Volume 3
Date of publication 09/01/2011
Pages 1-83

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Vladimir I. Polyakov and Dmitry S. Strebkov
Matrix solar cells for Conversion of Concentrated Radiation

Andreas Ludwig
The Challenge is the Balance The Lighting Industry’s View on Energy Effi ciency and Lighting Quality

Andrey V. Aladov, Elena D. Vasilieva, Alexander L. Zakgeim, Gregory V. Itkinson, Vsevolod V. Lundin, Mikhail N. Mizerov, Victor M. Ustinov, and Andrey F. Tsatsul’nikov
On Modern High-Power LEDs and their Lighting Application

Peter Dehoff
Quality Criteria as Part of the European Standardization – the Revision of EN 12464–1 “Lighting of Interior Workplaces”

Zoltán Vas, Peter Bodrogi, János Schanda, and Géza Varady
The Non-Additivity Phenomenon in Mesopic Photometry

Monica Säter
User Responses to LED as a Guide for Energy Effi cient Lighting Applications in Domestic Environments

Sergey I. Lishik, Alexander A. Pautino, Valery S. Posedko, Yuri V. Trofimov, and Vitally I. Tsvirko
Structural and Technological Solutions for Light-Emitting Diode Lamps of Direct Replacement

Inna V. Lyakisheva
The First Case in Russia of Dynamic Illumination Using Light Emitting Diodes for a Museum Installation

Sergey A. Kobozev
The Reconstruction of Illumination at the Moscow Metropolitan Stations

Mikhail V. Ryzhkov
On Degradation and Failure of White LEDs

Vladislav A. Alpert
Twenty Years of Experience in the Production and Operation of the URL-2 Vacuum Thermal Demercurization Equipment

Alexander V. Kochurov and Vladimir N. Timoshin
Solutions to the Problems of Recycling Energy Saving Lamps Containing Mercury


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