Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Volume 26
Date of publication 07/01/2018
Pages 1-190

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Boris A. Veklenko The Nature of the Photon and Quantum Optics

George V. Boos The Probability of Detecting Coloured Objects on Coloured Backgrounds Based on a Statistical Model of the Threshold of Colour Vision

Alexander T. Ovcharov, Yuri N. Selyanin, and Yaroslav V. Antsupov A Hybrid Illumination Complex For Combined Illumination Systems: Concepts, State of the Problem, Practical Experience

Vladimir M. Pchelin and Irina E. Makarova Assessment of the Current State and Prospects for Development of Irradiation Systems in Modern Greenhouse Facilities

Sergei A. Pavlov, Sergei L. Koryakin, Natalia E. Sherstenyova, ElenaYu. Maksimova, and Eugene M. Antipov Highly Effective Covering Materials with Quantum Dots for Greenhouses

Hongwu ZENG Optimization of Classroom Illumination System Based on Neural Network Algorithm

Wenhao DUN Optimization of Intelligent Illumination in University Classroom Based on FMRAS Control Algorithm

Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Anna Luusua, and Eveliina Juntunen SenCity – Evaluating Users’ Experiences of Intelligent Lighting for Well-Being in Smart Cities

Kai Broszio, Martine Knoop, Mathias Niedling, and Stephan Völker Effective Radiant Flux for Non-image Forming Effects – is the Illuminance and the Melanopic Irradiance at the Eye Really the Right Measure?

Gertjan Hilde Scheir, Peter Hanselaer, and Wouter Rita Ryckaert Receptive Field Mechanism and Pupilary Light Reflex for the Assessment of Visual Discomfort

Karin Bieske, Ulla Hartwig, Christoph Schierz, Alexander Wilm, and Carolin Horst TM-30–15 and CIE-CRI-Ra: Investigation of Сolour Rendering of White PC LEDs

Valérie Muzet and Joseph Abdo On Site Photometric Characterisation of Cement Concrete Pavements with COLUROUTE Device

Sanaz Bozorg Chenani, Rami-Samuli Räsänen, and Eino Tetri Advancement in Road Lighting

Suddhasatwa Chakraborty, Pritha Barua, Soumendu Bhattacharjee and Saswati Mazumdar Road Classification Based Energy Efficient Design and its Validation for Indian Roads

Ya’ou ZHANG Influence of Governmental Subsidies on Growth of Photovoltaic Enterprises: Empirical Evidence from China

Yaxin HE and Changheng ZHAO Impact of Media Reports on Innovative Behaviours of Photovoltaic Enterprises: Experience View from China

Arzu CILASUN KUNDURACI, Tuğçe KAZANASMAZ and Truus HORDIJK Examining Occupancy and Architectural Aspects Affecting Manual Lighting Control Behaviour in Offices Based on a User Survey

Yanjiang GONG, Jiang LI, Wenshuang YU, Runbing YANG, and Tiejun ZHOU Cost-Benefit Analysis under the DSM Model of Green Lighting

Alexei K. Solovyev Daylight in Underground Spaces

Alexander T. Dvoretsky, Alexander V. Spiridonov, Igor L. Shubin, and Ksenia N. Klevets Accounting of Climatic Features in Designing Solar Shading Devices

Haiwei FU LED Industrial Spatial Structure and its Evolution Trend in Hangzhou Bay Area, China

Lijun WANG, Yongbo YU, and Jialong XIE Technological Innovation and LED Lighting Industry Development in China

Canan PERDAHCI Advantages of LED Lighting System in Comparison with Traditional Fluorescent Lamps for Simple Examination Rooms in Healthcare Facilities


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