Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Light & Engineering 26 (2)

Volume 26
Date of publication 07/01/2018
Pages 4-13


The Nature of the Photon and Quantum Optics . L&E 26 (2) 2018
Articles authors:
Boris A. Veklenko

Boris A. Veklenko, Prof., Dr. of Phys.-Math. Sc., graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1955, defended doctor theses in 1991. At present, he is a Chief Researcher of the JIHT RAS and solves problems of quantum theory of radiation

In a concise, but accessible for the first acquaintance form the procedure for the quantization of linear oscillator is set out. By analogy with this procedure the procedure of quantization (second quantization) of classical Maxwell’s electrodynamics is set up. The physical sense of the wave functions arguments of transverse electromagnetic field and its Fourier transformation is set up. One pay attention as for quantum coherent (almost a classic) states of the electromagnetic field and for photonics Fock states. Attention is drawn to the fact of absence the power of the universal content of such concepts as field amplitude, phase and number of particles (photons), which are used by experimenter’s to describe the states of a quantized field. The semi quantitative description the interaction processes of a quantum electromagnetic field with substance is set up. Specified situations are shown in which the discrepancy between the predictions of classical and quantum electrodynamics is noticeable at the macroscopic level.
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