Light & Engineering 31 (№3. 2023). Paper version

Light & Engineering 31 (3)

Volume 31
Date of publication 06/16/2023
Pages 160

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Light & Engineering 31 (№3. 2023). Paper version
In the magazine:

Victor V. Barmin
On Increasing Efficiency of UV Germicidal Recirculation for Air Sanitation

Alexander V. Karev and Nikolay A. Malyshev
Analysis of New Standards in the Field of UV - C Disinfection

Sergey S. Kapitonov and Sergey A. Vishnevsky
About Efficiency of the Ultraviolet Diodes Applied for Disinfection of Water

Anatoly F. Aushev, Alexander G. Bedrin, Alexander P. Guriev, and Valentin M. Gromovenko
The Study of Forced Power Supply Modes of a Xenon Flash Tube with Reinforced Electrode Assemblies

Igor I. Zheleznov and Oleg A. Popov
Electrodeless Source of UV Radiation Based on Low-Pressure Microwave Mercury Discharge

Vladimir P. Budak and Ekaterina I. Ilyina
A Model for Evaluating the Visual Perception of an Arbitrary Distribution of Luminance in Indoor Lighting Installations

Ruzana A. Delyan, Mikhail M. Erokhin, Svetlana N. Markova, Artemiy S. Potapov, Anna G. Savitskaya, Gennady P. Terekhov, and Andrey N. Turkin
Choosing a Method for Approximating the Spectral Distribution of Colour LEDs and Comparing their Parameters and Characteristics in Nominal Mode

Valery F. Beley, Maxim S. Kharitonov, and German V. Kotsar
Results of Research into Energy Parameters and Characteristics of LED Lamps

Margarita V. Shumskaya, Vladimir Yu. Snetkov, and Nikolay P. Eliseev
Calculation and Selection of Spectral Characteristics of Radiation of LED Luminaires for Operation Rooms

Anatoly M. Taranenko and Valery A. Kolombet
Universal System of Tripling Periods for the Eye Is the Way to the “Logarithmic” Treatment of Neurological Diseases with Modern Lighting Technologies

Dmitry O. Varlamov, Feodor I. Manyakhin, and Arkady A. Skvortsov
The Interrelation between Temperature and Power Supply Modes of Low Power High Efficiency Light Emitting Diodes

Alexei A. Korobko
Method of Calculation of a Road Tunnel Illumination

Faruk Oral
Use of Small-Scale Wind Turbines in Road Lighting

Adham I. Giyasov
Modelling of the Solar-Light Climate of Mountain Terrain is a Prerequisite for Assessing the Insolation and Illumination of Premises

Alexei Yu. Lapin and Elena V. Sysoeva
The Influence of “Green” Roofs on the Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in the City of Tula

Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya
Applied Photometry: Review of Retrospective and Reality Part 1: Candela and Watt, from Incandescent Lamp to LED

Vladimir P. Budak and Pavel A. Butyrin
Light & Engineering Editor-In-Chief Interview with the President of the Academy of Electro-Technical Sciences of Russia: Electrical Engineering in the Digital Era


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