Light & Engineering 31 (№2. 2023). Paper version

Light & Engineering 31 (2)

Volume 31
Date of publication 04/14/2023
Pages 104

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Light & Engineering 31 (№2. 2023). Paper version
In the magazine:

Alexei K. Solovyov
Solar Energy Use for Premises Heating on Spring and Autumn Periods in Southern Regions of Russia

Alexander M. Ibragimov, Lyubov N. Aksakovskaya, and Svetlana V. Gerasimova
Mathematical Model for Heat and Mass Transfer of Concrete Heat Treatment Using Solar Power

Adham I. Giyasov and Saidmuhammad M. Mirzoev
Heat Transfer Model of Curtain Wall Facade Systems under Insolation

Kira O. Larionova and Sergey V. Stetsky
The Influence of Multi-Storey Surrounding Development on a Daylighting of Interiors in Top-Lit Premises: An Experimental Study

Kira O. Larionova and Sergey V. Stetsky
Daylighting of Low-Rise Buildings with Roof System of Illumination in the Case of Dense Surrounding Urban Development

Irina V. Giyasova
Translucent Skylights from Falconnier Glass Blocks

Lyubov Yu. Gnedina
Influence of the Shape and Proportions of Window Openings and the Presence of External Window Wall Structures on the Luminous and Insolation Environment in the Premises

Evgeniy A. Melyokhin
Translucent Arched Roofing Made of Modular Trihedral Trusses

Armen Yu. Kazaryan
Light in the Space of the Medieval Armenian Church: Evidence from the Cathedrals of Shirak and Ani of the X–XI Centuries

Elena V. Sysoeva
A Retrospective of Artificial Lighting from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Irina V. Sokolova
Daylighting Design Methods: History and Modernity

Kirill A. Solovyov
Daylighting of Buildings and Structures of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages


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