Light & Engineering 26 (4). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 26 (4)

Volume 26
Date of publication 12/20/2018
Pages 1-213

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Light & Engineering 26 (4). Electronic version
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Stanislav Darula
Stanislav Darula Review of the Current State and Future Development in Standardizing Natural Lighting in Interiors

Alexander A. Kokhanovsky
A Simple Technique to Determine Snow Properties Using Light Reflectance Measurements

Leonid B. Prikupets, George V. Boos, Vladislav G. Terekhov, and Ivan G. Tarakanov
Research into Influence from Different Ranges of PAR Radiation on Efficiency and Biochemical Composition of Green Salad Foliage Biomass

Elena A. Zaeva-Burdonskaya and Juri V. Nazarov
On the Environmental Design Illumination: Teacher’s Attitude

Jingyi LIU and Zongyi YIN
The Experience of China’s LED Lighting Industry’s Development

George V. Boos and Elena Yu. Matveeva
The Relevance of Energy Service Contracts in the Budget Sphere

Nina A. Efimova, Margarita O. Ruchkina, and Olga Yu. Tereshina
Transformation of the Energy Sector in Conditions of Digital Economy

Dmitry N. Ermakov, Oleg Yu. Kazenkov, and Ravil K. Khusnulin
Influence of Climatic Conditions of Russia and the Countries of the Near East on Lighting Equipment

Lyudmila S. Chikileva, Svetlana S. Gorohova, and Anna V. Popova
Main Directions of the Russian State Energy Saving Policy in the Field of Electric Power Engineering

Anna A. Bakulina, Dmitry V. Karpukhin, and Marina A. Lapina
Lighting Products: Problems of Technical and Legal Regulation of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency

Rimma Sh. Rahmatulina, Ekaterina A. Sviridova, and Angela S. Voskovskaya
Pecularities of Protection and Legal Regime of Official Works in the Field of Lighting Design

Maxim Yu. Beresin, Svetlana S. Dakhnenko, and Ekatrina E. Kuvshinova
Legal Regulation of Public-Private Partnership Supporting the Development of Energy-Efficient Lighting Industry

Gang AN and Hang WANG
Evaluation of Fiscal Policy Effect of China’s Photovoltaic Industry

Alexander A. Tikhomirov, Sofia A. Ushakova, and Valentin N. Shikhov
Features Choice of Light Sources for Bio-Technical Life Support Systems for Space Applications

Alexander T. Ovcharov, Yuri N. Selyanin, and Yaroslav V. Antzupov
Hybrid Lighting Complex for Combined Lighting Systems: Research Into Optical Path Optimization Using the Complex “Solar Led-S” New Modification

Erhua SUN
Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Wireless Monitoring System Based on IOT Technology

Sergei A. Golubin, Alexei N. Lomanov, Vladimir S. Nikitin, and Valery M. Komarov
Experimental Research into the Influence of Photodetector Types on Characteristics of Optical Mini-Sticks of Unified Human- Machine Interfaces

Ruijie CHENG
Classroom Lighting Energy-Saving Control System Based on Machine Vision Technology

Lulu HAO and Jing GAO
Intelligent Lighting System of Urban Road Based on Internet of Things

Sergei A. Alexandrov
Development of Express-methods for Design of Ski Slopes Illumination Systems

Application of Intelligent Lighting Control System in Different Sports Events in Sports Venues

Shengmin CAO
Intelligent Lighting Control System in Large-Scale Sports Competition Venues

Lighting and Control Design of Large-Scale Stadium Skating Competition

Basudeb Das, Asit Kumar Sur, and Saswati Mazumdar
Design & Development of a Solar Powered, CCT changing R-B-W LED Based Artificial Window

Jinghua LI
Physical Exercise Behavior and Effect of Photovoltaic Enterprise Employees


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