Light & Engineering 29 (№5(2). 2021). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 29 (5)

Volume 5
Date of publication 10/20/2021
Pages 1-100

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Light & Engineering 29 (№5(2). 2021). Electronic version
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Leon A. Apresyan
Generalized Optical Theorem and Point Sources

Vadim N. Lesnykh, Valery A. Kolombet, Alexander V. Elistratov, Anatoly M. Taranenko, and Simon E. Shnoll
On the Correspondence between the Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics of Human Eye Retina Photo-Receivers and the Frequencies of the Universal Period-Tripling System

Elena S. Voznesenskaya and Nadezhda I. Dmitrienko
Approaches to the Assessment and Regulation of Daylighting in Residential and Public Buildings in Russia and Abroad

Rustam S. Zakirullin and Irina A. Odenbakh
Daylighting Dynamic Control by Smart Window with Grating Optical Filter

Jian Yao
Development of Machine Learning Models for Predicting Daylight Glare Probability

Alexander V. Leonidov
Analytic Representation of Illuminance on the Earth Surface with Different Types and Conditions of Cloud Cover over the 11-Year Solar Activity Cycle

Alexander V. Leonidov
Definition of Characteristics of Instantaneous Diurnal Activity of Human Body Affected by Solar Radiation in the Circadian Region of Optical Spectrum during Daytime

Fedor I. Manyakhin and Lyudmila O. Mokretsova
The Regularity of the Decrease in the Quantum Yield of Quantum-Wells LEDs at the Long-Term Current Flow from the ABC Model Position

Michael Yu. Kataev and Eugene Yu. Kartashov
Computer Vision Method for Forest Fires Detection Based on RGB Images Obtained by Unmanned Motor Glider

Olga Yu. Kovalenko, Yulia A. Dashkina, Yulia A. Zhuravlyova, and Svetlana A. Mikaeva
Analysis of Tungsten Halogen Lamps Characteristics

Olga Yu. Kovalenko, Tatiana A. Chuvatkina, Nina P. Nestyorkina, Svetlana A. Mikaeva, and Yulia A. Zhuravlyova
Characteristics of High-Power UV Lamps with Electronnic Ballasts

Aizenberg at 90!
To the Jubilee of J.B. Aizenberg: The Main Results of Creative Activity from 1954 to 2021

Invitation to Discussion in Frame of CIE: On the Need to Develop the Activities of CIE and on the Expansion of the Concept of Light and Engineering as Specialty


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