Light & Engineering 24 (2)

Light & Engineering 24 (2)

Volume 24
Date of publication 06/30/2016
Pages 1-132

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Alexander. T. Ovcharov and Yury N. Selyanin
Solatube® Technology: Prospective Applications in Architecture and Building in Russia

Rajesh Sarkar and Saswati Mazumdar
Studies and Experiments for Determination of Degradation of Paintings in Museum Art Galleries Caused by Artificial Light Sources

Nikolai V. Matveev, Victor T. Prokopenko, Natalia P. Sapunova, and Daniil A. Friedman
Research into the Influence of Light-Music Performances on Psychophysiological States

Hongyi Cai and Linjie Li
How LED Lighting May Affect Office Ergonomics: The Impact of Providing Access to Continuous Dimming Controls on Typing and Colour-Matching Tasks Performance

Svetlana M. Lebedkova and Yuliya A. Lusina
Research into the “Colouring” Effect Using Different Spectral Radiations

Göze Bayram and Tuğçe Kazanasmaz
Simulation-Based Retrofitting of an Educational Building in Terms of Optimum Shading Device and Energy Efficient Artificial Lighting Criteria

Aniruddha Mukherjee and Amit Soni
Effect of Ambient Temperature Rise on the LED Life Time Resource

Biswadeep Gupta, Aparajita Dutta Bakshi, and Biswanath Roy
Development and Validation of Dynamic Conductance Based Wattage Independent Model for Magnetic Ballast Driven Non-Retrofit CFLs

Vladimir A. Levchenko, Oleg A. Popov, Sergei A. Svitnev, and Pavel V. Starshinov
Electric and Radiation Characteristics of a Transformer Type Lamp with a Discharge Tube of 16.6 mm Diameter

Svetlana P. Arapova, Sergei Yu. Arapov, and Andrei G. Tyagunov
Hybrid Laboratory Light Source for Polygraphy Spectrally Close to Standard D Illuminant

Irfanud Din and Hoon Kim
Energy-Efficient Optical Power Control for Data Rate and Illuminance Provision in Visible Light Communication

K. Sindhubala and B. Vijayalakshmi
Survey on Noise Sources and Restrain Techniques in Visible-Light Communication

K. Sindhubala and B.Vijayalakshmi
Experimental Indoor Visible-Light Communication System Using Solar Panel Receiver in the Presence of Ambient Light Noise

Purnima Mandal and Biswanath Roy
Matlab Simulation of Indoor General Lighting with Luminaire IES File

Oleg V. Kryukov and Aptyom V. Serebryakov
Modern Systems of Outdoor Illumination for Compressor Stations


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