Light & Engineering 28 (№5. 2020). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 28 (5)

Volume 28
Date of publication 10/23/2020
Pages 1-128

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Light & Engineering 28 (№5. 2020). Electronic version
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Peter Blattner
Present and Future Activities of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

Peter Bodrogi, Xue Guo, and Tran Quoc Khanh
Brightness in the Photopic Range: Psychophysical Modelling with Blue-Sensitive Retinal Signals

Vladimir P. Budak, Dmitry S. Efremenko, and Pavel A. Smirnov
Fraunhofer Diffraction Description in the Approximation of the Light Field Theory

Fedor I. Manyakhin, Arthur B. Vattana, and Lyudmila O. Mokretsova
Application of the Sah-Noyce-Shockley Recombination Mechanism to the Model of the Voltage-Current Relationship of LED Structures with Quantum Wells

Sergei V. Ershov, Dmitry D. Zhdanov, Alexei G. Voloboy, and Nikolay B. Deryabin
Method of Quasi-Specular Elements to Reduce Stochastic Noise in Illumination Simulation

Oleg F. Prosovsky, Alexander Yu. Budnev, Dmitry G. Denisov, Nikolay V. Baryshnikov, and Yuri O. Prosovsky
Contemporary System of Direct Broadband Optical Monitoring of Thickness of Spray Optical Coatings

Alexei K. Solovyov
Modern Approaches to Rationing the Natural Lighting of Residential Buildings: Research Results

Muhammad Aleem Zahid, Ganesh T. Chavan, Young Hyun Cho, and Junsin Yi
Optimal Tilt Angle for Getting Maximum Energy Produced by PV Panel by Utilizing Clear Sky and Array Performance Models

Vladimir E. Karpenko
Methodology for Light Design Training in the Sphere of Architectural Environment Design

Alexander V. Spiridonov, Nina P. Umniakova, and Boris L. Valkin
Recommendations for the Restoration of Historical Translucent Coatings Pushkin Museum

Tatiana A. Rozhkova and Eugenia A. Sysoeva
New Rules of Access to Lighting Technical Products in the EAEU Market: Compliance with Four Technical Regulations

Sergei S. Kapitonov, Alexei S. Vinokurov, Sergei V. Prytkov, Sergei Yu. Grigorovich, Anastasia V. Kapitonova, Dmitry V.Gushchin, Sergei A. Medvedev, and Dmitry V. Wilhelm
The Influence of the LED Luminaires Electrical Parameters on their Correlated Colour Temperature During Operation Mode

Mustafa Eyyup Gursoy, Burak Dindar, and Omer Gul
A Novel Strategy for Transformation of Conventional Road Lighting to Smart Road Lighting

Kemal Furkan Sokmen and Osman Bedretin Karatas
Research into the Junction Temperature and Power of New LED Modules Generation in Dependence on Variable Parameters

Debashis Raul and Kamalika Ghosh
Analysis on Thermal Behaviour of the Sink and Die Area with Different Thermal Interface Material for High Power Light Emitting Diodes


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