Light & Engineering 25 (4). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 25 (4)

Volume 25
Pages 1-152

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Light & Engineering 25 (4). Electronic version
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Oleg V. Kopelevich
Use of Light in the Exploration and Research of the Seas and Oceans

Andrei L. Sokolov, Alexander S. Akentyev, and Vladimir D. Nenadovich
Space Retrorefl ector Arrays

Vladimir P. Budak, Victor S. Zheltov, Tatyana V. Meshkova, and Renat Sh. Notfullin
Evaluation of Illumination Quality Based on Spatial-Angular Luminance Distribution

Mikhail E. Klykov and Tatyana A. Agafonova
LED Drivers and Discharge Lamps Control Gears: Present State and Future Development

Vladimir N. Abramochkin, Vladimir V. Belov, Yuri V. Gridnev, Andrei N. Kudryavtsev, Mikhail V. Tarasenkov, and Andrei V. Fedosov
Optoelectronic Communication in the Atmosphere Using Diff use Laser Radiation: Experiments in the Field

Alexei B. Tarasenko and Oleg S. Popel
Autonomous Photovoltaic Light-Signal Units with Batteries: Development and Field Test Results in Moscow Region

Wojciech Żagan and Rafał Krupiński
A Study of the Classical Architecture Floodlighting

Canan Karatekin
Tunnel Lighting Design with High Power LED Lamps of an Urban Tunnel in Istanbul

Boris I. Avdochenko, Yuri R. Kirpichenko, and Ivan N. Pustynsky
Powerful Pulse IR Searchlight

Tony Bergen
Photometry of LED Lighting Devices

Nikolai N. Bespalov, Mikhail V. Ilyin, and Sergei Kapitonov
Testing Equipment for LED Luminaire Control Devices and Fluorescent Lamp Electron Ballasts

Erdal Şehirli, Meral Altınay, Özgür Üstün, and Bekir Çakır
Comparison of Single Phase Buck-Boost and SEPIC LED Driver

Rajib Malik and Saswati Mazumdar
Development of CCT Tunable LED Lighting System Using Red-Blue-White LED

Jingyu Chen, Aiming Ge, Rulong Hao, Ling Zhu, and Xinran Tao
Design of a Self-Adapted LED Desk Lamp Based on TCS3414CS

Pablo R. Ixtaina and Braian D. Bannert
Eff ects of LED Lighting on the Luminance Coeffi cient

Sergei V. Stetsky
A Comparative Analysis of Functional Characteristics of Sun-Protection Means for Civic Buildings in Sunny Climate Conditions

Marina L. Abrashkina and Eugene A. Sysoyeva
Energy Effi ciency Requirements, Labeling and Eco-Design of Lighting Products: European Experience

Dmitri V. Vasiliev, Andrei A. Grigoryev, and Alexander I. Laryushin
Shipboard Lighting Facilities of Carrier-Based Aircraft

Аlexander М. Kabyshev, Еvgeny N. Kozyrev, Igor N. Goncharov, and Roman О. Askerov
Electroluminescent Light Source Emissivity Simulation

Akilya A. Galimova
Improving Reliability and Short-Circuit Protection of Power Lines for Road Lighting


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