Light & Engineering 28 (№2. 2020). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 28 (2)

Volume 28
Date of publication 04/14/2020
Pages 1-120

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Light & Engineering 28 (№2. 2020). Electronic version
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Roger Narboni
Lighting Public Spaces: New Trends and Future Evolutions

Elena A. Zaeva-Burdonskaya and Yuri V. Nazarov
Stage in the Spotlight and Paradoxes of the Profession: Artist, Light, Theatre

Aslıhan Çevik, Tuğçe Kazanasmaz, and Hasan Engin Duran
User Lighting Preferences Based on Navigation and Space Quality in Virtual Exhibition Environments

Alexandra A. Bartseva, George V. Boos, Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Alyona B. Kuznetsova, and Eugene I. Rozovsky
The State of Museum Lighting in Russia

Alexander E. Guliev
Improvement of Majolica Lighting at the Komsomolskaya – Radial Metro Station

Alexei I. Sterkhov, Alexander V. Palagin, and Igor Yu. Loshkarev
Study of Lighting Systems with Extended Hollow Light Guides

Alexander V. Leonidov
Changes in Irradiance and Illuminance on Earth Surface during 11-Year Solar Activity Cycle

Musa Çıbuk and Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Determination of Energy Consumption According to Wireless Network Topologies in Grid-Free Lighting Systems

Jian Yao, LiYi Chen, and Wu Jin
Uncertainty of Daylighting Performance of Manual Solar Shades and its Influence on Lighting Energy

Nadehzda P. Kondratieva, Dmitry A. Filatov, and Pavel V. Terentiev
Dependence of Current Harmonics of Greenhouse Irradiators on Supply Voltage

Ekaterina V. Lovlya and Oleg A. Popov
Power Losses in RF Inductor of Ferrite-Free Closed-Loop Inductively-Coupled Low Pressure Mercury Lamps

Selin Pıravadılı Mucur, Betül Canımkurbey, and Ayşe Demir Korkmaz
Magnetic Field Implementing into the Electroluminescence of OLED Devices Doped with CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles

Sergei V. Prytkov and Alexei O. Syromyasov
Calculation of Light Distribution of a Conventionally Point Light Source in an Arbitrarily Oriented Coordinate System

Chien-Min Hun, King-Lien Lee, Che-Yen Lin, Mei-Wen Chen, and Jin-Jei Wu
Design of an Edge-Lit Backlight Module for an Autostereoscopic Display


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