Light & Engineering 28 (№1. 2020). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 28 (1)

Volume 28
Pages 1-127

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Light & Engineering 28 (№1. 2020). Electronic version
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Wout van Bommel
Topics Important for the up-to-date Interior Lighting Professional

Elena A. Zaeva-Burdonskaya and Yuri V. Nazarov
Light Side of Design: Professional Vector

Nicolay I. Shchepetkov, Svetlana B. Kapeleva, Denis V. Bugaev, Gregory S. Matovnikov, and Anna S. Kostareva
Concerning the Concept of Light-Colour Arrangement of the Urban Environment in the Central Part of Tyumen

Galina M. Belan and Alexander T. Ovcharov
Modernisation of Lighting Systems of a Casting and Extrusion Plant in Krasnoyarsk

Pablo R. Ixtaina, Agustín A. Pucheta, Carlos Lionel Colonna, and Nicolás Bufo
Assessment of Argentinean LED Luminaries for Street Lighting

Adham I. Giyasov
Modelling of the Insolation Mode of Urban Development Using an Insoplanogram

Alexander V. Spiridonov, Nina P. Umnyakova, and Boris L.Valkin
Examination of Condition of Historical Transparent Structures of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

İlknur Erlalelitepe Uygun, Tuğçe Kazanasmaz and Serdar Kale
An Empirical Validation of Estimation Model (OptimLUM) for Energy Efficient Luminaire Layout Design in Offices

Estelle Guerry, Georges Zissis, Céline Caumon, Laurent Canale, and Elodie Bécheras
Design and Survey of Lighting and Colour Ambience for a Suitable Elderly Environment

Nina Carli, Armin Sperling, and Grega Bizjak
Realization of a Laboratory Tuneable Colour Light Source

Erdal Şehirli
Comparison of Dc-Dc SEPIC, CUK and Flyback Converters Based LED Drivers

Vladimir P. Budak and Anton V. Grimailo
The Impact of Light Polarisation on Light Field of Scenes with Multiple Reflections

Emre Öztürk, Mehmet Aktaş, and Tunç Şenyüz
Sun Load Analysis and Testing on Automotive Front Lighting Products


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