Light & Engineering 27 (6) 2019. Paper version

Light & Engineering 27 (6)

Volume 27
Date of publication 12/20/2019
Pages 1-163

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Light & Engineering 27 (6) 2019. Paper version

Diwakar Bista, Ashish Shrestha, Georges Zissis, Pramod Bhusal, Frangiskos V. Topalis, and Bhupendra B. Chhetri
Status of Lighting Technologies in Nepal

Rosa Maria Morillas and Jose Ramon de Andres
Renewing Street Lighting with LED Technology: A Single Case Study in Casarabonela

Alexei K. Solovyov and Bi Guofu
Selection of the Area of Window Openings of Residential Buildings in Conditions of Monsoon Climate of the Far East of the Russian Federation and Northern Areas of China

Svetlana V. Kolgushkina, Nataliya V. Bystryantseva, and Victor T. Prokopenko
Research into Luminance Characteristics of Objects with Architectural Lighting of Central Streets of Tula

Idil Bakir Kucukkaya and Ebru Alakavuk
The Evaluation of an Office Building According to LEED Certificate Lighting Criteria

Catalin Daniel Galatanu, Muhammad Ashraf, Dorin Dumitru Lucache, Dorin Beu, and Calin Ciugudeanu
Optical Utilization Factor for Architectural Lighting

Alexander V. Spiridonov and Nina P. Umnyakova
Computer Modelling and Recommendations for Restoration of the Historical Translucent Structures of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Svetlana Yu. Minaeva and Vladimir P. Budak
Studies of Application of LED-Based Lighting Devices in a Car Assembly Shop

Sangita Sahana and Biswanath Roy
Development and Performance Analysis of a Cost-Effective Integrated Light Controller

Nina P. Nestyorkina, Olga Yu. Kovalenko, and Yulia A. Zhuravlyova
Analysis of Characteristics of LED Lamps with T8 Bulb by Various Manufacturers

Sergey V. Gavrish
Distinctions of the Design of UHP Xenon Lamps with Sapphire Envelope

Mikhail M. Erokhin, Pavel V. Kamshylov, Vladislav G. Terekhov, and Andrey N. Turkin
Study of Characteristics of LEDs for Phytoirradiators

Vladislav G. Terekhov
Irradiation System for a City Farm Automated Multi-Layer Phytoinstallation

Michael E. Allash, Leonid M. Vasilyak, Nicolay P. Eliseev, Oleg A. Popov, and Dmitry V. Sokolov
Testing and Analysis of Characteristics of Low-Pressure Mercury and Amalgam Bactericidal UV Lamps by Various Manufacturers

Roman G. Bolshin, Nadezhda P. Kondratieva, and Maria G. Krasnolutskaya
Irradiating Set with UV Diodes and Microprocessor System of Automatic Dose Control

Pavel V. Starshinov, Oleg A. Popov, Igor V. Irkhin, Vladimir A. Levchenko, and Victoria N. Vasina
Electrodeless UV Lamp on the Basis of Low-Pressure Mercury Discharge in a Closed Non-Ferrite Tube

Quang Trinh Vinh, Peter Bodrogi, Trun Quoc Khanh, and Tean Thuy Anh
Colour Preference Depends on Colour Temperature, Illuminance Level and Object Saturation – a New Metric

Emil Z. Gareev, Yuri B. Sorokin, Igor M. Antropov, Anton Е. Kurako, Antonina A. Puchkovskaya, and Vladislav E. Bougrov
Navigation System Based on VLC Technology for Staff of Hermitage Museum


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