Light & Engineering 27 (5) 2019. Electronic version

Light & Engineering 27 (5)

Volume 27
Date of publication 10/25/2019
Pages 1-134


Light & Engineering 27 (5) 2019. Electronic version

Tadej Glazar, Marjeta Zupancic Meglic, Samo Kralj, and Robert Peternelj
Senior Living - Lighting, Circadian Rhythm and Dementia I

Gasper Coz
Senior Living - Lighting, Circadian Rhythm and Dementia II

Banu Manav
Luminous Environment and the Perceived Environment

Cenk Yavuz, Ceyda Aksoy Tirmikci, and Burcu Carkli Yavuz
Research into the Effect of Photometric Flicker Event on the Perception of Office Workers

Helena Yu. Lekus
Public Space Humanization in a Night City

Alexander V. Karev and Dmitry S. Lyoskin
Operating Control of Photobiological Safety of LED Luminaires

Leonid B. Prikupets, George V. Boos, Vladislav G. Terekhov, and Ivan G. Tarakanov
Optimisation of Lighting Parameters of Irradiation in Light Culture of Lettuce Plants Using LED Emitters

Michael Yu. Kataev and Maria M. Dadonova
Method of Vegetation Detection Using RGB Images Made by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on the Basis of Colour and Texture Analysis

Alexei K. Solovyov and Thi Hanh Phương Nguyễn
The Calculation Method for Light Climate Parameters Based on Sun-Lighting Efficiency and the Comparative Analysis of Light Climate in Hanoi and Moscow

Alexander Ya. Pak, Alyona A. Zakharova, Alexei V. Shklyar, and Tatyana A. Pak
Visual and Cognitive Analysis of Multivariate Data for Characterizing Al/Sic Metal Matrix Composites

Sergei A. Pavlov, Alexei S. Pavlov, Helena Yu. Maximova, Anton V. Alekseenko, Alexander V. Pavlov, and Eugene M. Antipov
Analysis of the Luminous Field in Fluorescent Optical Layers with Quantum Dots Based on CdSe/CdS/ZnS

Michael L. Belov, Yulia I. Vsyakova, and Victor A. Gorodnichev
Optical Method of Detection of Oil Contamination on Water Surface in UV Spectral Range

Vladimir V. Belov, Vladimir N. Abramochkin, Yuri V. Gridnev, Andrei N. Kudryavtsev, Michael V. Tarasenkov, and Andrei V. Fedosov
Bistatic Underwater Optical-Electronic Communication: Field Experiments of 2017-2018

Vladimir I. Burenkov, Sergei V. Sheberstov, Vladimir A. Artemiev, and Valery R. Taskaev
Estimation of Measurement Error of the Seawater Beam Attenuation Coefficient in Turbid Water of Arctic Seas

Michael Young-gon Lee, Eugene B. Shibanov, and Oleg V. Martynov
Application of High-Brightness LEDs for Simultaneous Measurement of Radiation Scattering and Fluorescence Characteristics in Sea Water

Irina N. Miroshnikova and Vladimir Yu. Snetkov
Higher Education with a Specialisation in Light Engineering and Light Sources and Transfer to FSES 3++

Tatyana A. Rozhkova and Eugene A. Sysoeva
New Requirements to Energy Efficiency and Labelling of Lighting Products in the Russian Federation

Gulnara F. Ruchkina, Sergei G. Pavlikov, and Elena Yu Matveeva
Optimisation of Illuminance of Municipal Facilities and Protection of Retail Power Consumers: Interdependence of Processes

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