Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Light & Engineering 26 (1)

Volume 26
Date of publication 03/30/2018
Pages 1-154

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Julian B. Aizenberg and Vladimir P. Budak Light & Engineering / Svetotekhnika Journal: A Review of 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018-2020

Leonid B. Prikupets Technological Lighting for Agro-Industrial Instolations in Russia

George V. Boos, Leonid B. Prykupets, Eugene I. Rozovsky, and Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya Standardization of Lighting Fixtures and Installations for Greenhouses

Alexander I. Vasilyev, Sergei V. Kostyuchenko, Nicolai N. Kudryavtsev, Denis A. Sobur, and Dmitry V. Sokolov UV Disinfection Technologies for Water, Air and Surface Treatment

Eugene I. Starovoytov Possible Uses of Equipment in Space to Control Earth Surface Illumination

Eugene I. Rozovsky and Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya Photometry of Lighting Devices: Current State and Prospects for Development

Eugene A. Ivashin, Boris B. Khlevnoy, Stanislav S. Shirokov, and Eugene V. Tishchenko Development of Nnew Photometric Standards Based on High Power LEDs

Aniruddha Mukherjee,Trilok Chandra Bansal, and Amit Soni Analysis of LED Driver Topologies with Respect to Power Factor and THD

Madjidi Faramarz and Abedi Kamal ad-Din A Simple Method to Improve VCP by Reducing DGR in an Interior Lighting Installation

Fahimeh Nikoudel, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, and Javad Vazifehdan Nocturnal Architecture of Buildings: Interaction of Exterior Lighting and Visual Beauty

Kamalika Ghosh and Debashis Raul Performance Analysis of Various Types of High Power Light Emitting Diodes

Jian Yao Daylighting Performance of Manual Solar Shades

Victoriya A. Lapina, Peter P. Pershukevich, Alexei V. Trofimov, Natalya N. Trofimova, and Yuri B. Tsaplev Phosphors and Fluorescent Converters in Light Sources with Blue LED Crystals

Gennady Ya.Vagin, Eugene B. Solntsev, and Oleg Yu. Malafeev Analysis Criteria for Choosing Energy Efficient High-Quality Light Sources and Luminaires

Dmitry I. Glukhovets, Sergei V. Sheberstov, Oleg V. Kopelevich, Anna F. Zaytseva, and Sergei I. Pogosyan Measuring the Sea Water Absorption Factor Using Integrating Sphere

Svetlana V. Kolgushkina, Victor T. Prokopenko, and Svetlana V. Roslyakova Night Sky Background Brightness Estimation by the Example of the St. Petersburg City

Nicolai V. Matveev and Mariya L. Pashkevich The Influence of the Light Scenario Dramaturgy on Restorative Quality of Audio-Visual Environment Stimulation

Elena Yu. Lekus Space and Time of Lighting Design: The results of the International Research-to-Practice Сonference “Lighting Design – 2016”

Elena Yu. Matveeva Efficiency in the Choice of Power Service Contract as Way of Financing Power Service Activities

Krzysztof Skarżyński Methods of Calculation of Floodlighting Utilisation Factor at the Design Stage


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