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Physical Exercise Behavior and Effect of Photovoltaic Enterprise Employees. L&E 26 (4) 2018

Light & Engineering 26 (4)

Volume 26
Date of publication 12/20/2018
Pages 199–210

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Physical Exercise Behavior and Effect of Photovoltaic Enterprise Employees. L&E 26 (4) 2018
Articles authors:
Jinghua LI

Jinghua LI, graduated from the school of physical education of Shaanxi normal university in 2004. He currently works at the institute of physical education of Xianyang normal university in Shaanxi province. Master’s degree, associate professor. Research Orientation: School Physical Education

In order to improve the physical health of employees in high­pressure working environment, this paper investigates the behaviour and effects of physical exercise of photovoltaic companies. Firstly, the article expounds the physical health status of employees in China’s photovoltaic enterprises, then enumerates the research results of the physical exercise behaviour and effects of employees at home and abroad, and uses the mixed Gaussian model to study the behaviour and effect of photovoltaic employees’ physical exercise. Specific measures to promote active physical exercise for employees are proposed. Finally, the article uses the multi­level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to evaluate the rationality of the measures. The results of the evaluation show that the measures proposed in the paper have positive effects on the health of photovoltaic employees.
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