Light & Engineering 29 (№4. 2021). Paper version

Light & Engineering 29 (4)

Volume 29
Date of publication 08/19/2021
Pages 1-160

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Light & Engineering 29 (№4. 2021). Paper version
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Vladimir E. Karpenko and Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
Light Forms in Urban Environment

Marina A. Sokolova, Natalya V. Bystryantseva,and Marina A. Silkina
Experience of Design and Plastic Light Environment Modelling. Part 1: Space and Light, Urban Environment

Alexei V. Krasheninnikov and Alexander A. Lebedev
Artificial Lighting of Micro-Spaces in Urban Centers

Galina A. Ptichnikova and Kira K. Kartashova
Media Screens and Media Facades in the Space of Russian Cities: Problems of Integration into the Urban Environment

Andrei V. Efimov , Sergei V. Klimenko, Natalya G. Panova, and Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
Coloured Light as a Tool for Working with Architectural Form in the Night Environment of the City

Oleg G. Maksimov and Olga Yu. Zaripova
Light Design of Small Towns’ Coastal Areas

Igor A. Bondarenko, Yuri P. Bocharov, and Dmitry I. Mikheykin
The Contribution of the Soviet “Kinetic” Art of the 1960s‑1970s to the Development of the Theory and Practice of Architectural Lighting Technology

Alexander G. Khadzhin and Grigory S. Matovnikov
A Controversial History of Pedestrian Space Lighting in Moscow

Anna V. Vasilieva, Julia L. Kosenkova, and Mikhail V. Shubenkov
From the History of Light and Engineering: Issues of Natural Lighting in the Soviet Residential Architecture of the 1920s‑1930s

Georgy N. Cherkasov and Darya D. Popova
Modern Areas of Light and Colour Application in Architecture

Nikolay L. Pavlov
Construction of a Temple with Regard to the Rising Sun Ray

Elena V. Ermolenko
Daylighting of the Newest Christian Churches

Tatyana N. Zavgorodskaya, Sergey A. Matovnikov, and Yuri M. Moiseev
Artificial Illumination of Memorial Complexes: Reconstruction and Creation of a New One

Nikolay P. Pavlov and Georgy A. Shcheglov
Architectural Lighting Design Concept for the Interior Yard of a Prospective Orbital Station

Jurii A. Tabunschikov, Marianna M. Brodach, and Nikolay V. Shilkin
Windows with Variable Thermal Protection for Buildings in the Far North

Renata A. Nasybullina, Vitaly A. Samogorov, and Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
Methodological Foundations of the Light-Space Design in the Architectural Education

Dmitry L. Melodinskiy, Marianna M. Dadasheva, and Siuzanna M. Dadasheva
Experience of Mastering the Artistic Language of Light Design in the Professional Training of an Architect


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