Light & Engineering 25 (2)

Light & Engineering 25 (2)

Volume 25
Date of publication 06/29/2017
Pages 1-147

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Leonid P. Varfolomeev
Lighting Equipment for Manned Spacecraft

Sergei I. Lishik, Valery S. Posedko, Yuri V. Trofimov, and Vitally I. Tsvirko
Current State, Trends and Prospectives of the Development of Light Emitting Diode Technology

Alexander V. Sibrikov and Andrei I. Kirichyok
Application of Light Emitting Diodes for Illumination of Moscow and Operational Challenges

Lale Erdem AtД±lgan and Mustafa BerkerYurtseven
Thermal Design of an LED System: A Special Lantern for Turkish Historical Mosques

Banu Tabak Erginöz and Cenk Yavuz
A Survey and Measurement Based Study on Dimmable Lighting to Evaluate Visual Performance and Lighting Energy Savings

Musa Demirbaş, Türker Fedai Çavuş, Ceyda Aksoy Tırmıkçı, and Cenk Yavuz
Investigation of Energy Saving Performance and Other Related Parameters of a Daylighting Scenario for an Industrial Building

Mustafa Zeytin and NazД±m Д°MAL
Lighting Quality Supported by Software and Application of Increasing the Efficiency

Nikolai L. Pavlov
A Chromatic Conceptualisation of Natural Life

MГЎria FerenДЌГ­kovГЎ and Stanislav Darula
Availability of Daylighting in School Operating Time

Natalya A. Saprykina
Sunlight as an Arranging Factor of Forming Dynamic Architecture

Alexei K. Solovyov
Reflective Facades and their Influence on Illumination of Nearby Buildings

Mikhail V. Osikov, Рћksana A. Gizinger, Olga I. Ogneva, Рћlga R. Bokova, and Victoria G. Chudinova
A Comparative Analysis of the Influence Artificial Illumination on Behaviour of Laboratory Animals

Guy Durinck, FrГ©dГ©ric B. Leloup, Jan Audenaert, and Peter Hanselaer
Modeling the Spectrum of a Luminaire Including a Dichroic Filter By Spectral Ray Tracing

Viktor S. Zheltov and Vladimir P. Budak
Mathematical Simulation of Lighting Installations Using a Computer

Sergey V. Alkov, Mikhail L. Belov, and Viktor A. Gorodnichev
An Approximation Formula for Angular Distribution of Irradiance From an Irregular Surface with Complex Indicatrix

Leihong Zhang, Bei Li, Haojun Zhang, Yi Kang, Wenjie Zhan, Wenjuan Yi, and Zhiwen Chen
Study on the Comparison of Two Spectral Reflectance Reconstruction Methods Based on Agile Spectrum Imaging and Liquid Crystal Modulation

Kadirvel Sindhubala and BabaVijayalakshmi
Design and Implementation of Optical Receiver for Visible Light Communication to Reduce Ambient Light Noise


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