Light & Engineering 30 (№1. 2022). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 30 (1)

Volume 30
Date of publication 02/23/2022
Pages 1-124

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Light & Engineering 30 (№1. 2022). Electronic version
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Boris A. Veklenko
Coherent Stimulated Radiation, Coherent Spontaneous Radiation and Coupled Photon Pairs in Non-Uniform Thermally Excited Gaseous Media: The Theory

Sergey V. Prytkov, Sergey S. Kapitonov, Alexei S. Vinokurov, and Maxim V. Kolyadin
Generalization and Research of the Keitz Equation Inaccuracy when Radiation Flux of Linear Low Pressure UV Lamps is Measuring

Dmitry V. Scums and Boris V. Eroshenko
Luminous Intensity and Luminous Flux Standard Lamps Based on COB LEDs

Temel Sonmezocak, Onur Akar, and Umit Kemalettin Terzi
High Performance Adaptive Active Harmonic Filter Design for Non-Linear LED Loads

Ilker Akgun and Erhan Ustaoglu
A Multi-Methodological Design Framework for Roadway Illumination

Michael L. Belov, Alexei M. Belov, Victor A. Gorodnichev, and Sergey V. Alkov
Multispectral Optical Reflectometry Method of Forest Resource Monitoring

Grega Bizjak and Matej B. Kobav
Energy Consumption Indicators for Public Lighting

Balaji Kathavarayan and Sakthivel Murugan Santhanam
Execution of Channel Characterization for Underwater Optical Wireless Communication System in Blue-Green Spectral Range for Different Types of Sea Water Based on Chlorophyll Content

Aiswarya Dev Goswami, Basudeb Das, and Saswati Mazumdar
Development of a GSM Based Arduino Controlled Smart Street Lighting System

Elena A. Zaeva-Burdonskaya and Yuri V. Nazarov
Light Design In Russian Universities: What and How to Teach?

Safiye Nazmiye Ozturk, Mustafa Onat, and Hasan Huseyin Celik
3D Night Illumination of Aphrodisias Open-Air Museum with LED Technology

Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Using Electric Lighting to Support Daylighting in Architectural Building Designs


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