The best of the best

This year the editorial office of the Light and Engineering journal held a contest to assign the noble titles of The Author of the Year, The Correspondent of the Year and The Reviewer of the Year for 2017. The laureates were announced and awarded in the solemn atmosphere of the plenary session in the framework of the "Light in a museum" conference being held in The State Hermitage Museum in April of 2018.

Here is the list of the 2017 year's awardees:

The best Author - Nikolay Ivanovich Schepetkov, professor, Moscow Institute of Architecture, Head of the Chair «Architectural Physic»;

The best Reviewer - Mikhail Leonidovich Belov, professor, Department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University;

The best Correspondent - Yefim Aleksandrovich Lesman, Public Correspondent, Light and Engineering journal in Saint-Petersburg.

The best Author of the "Reference Materials" section - Ruvim Israelevich Pashkovskiy, Public Correspondent, Light and Engineering journal.

Seeing that everything had gone well, the editorial office has decided to make it an annual event.

For the formalization of the competition process, Provision of the Competition Process was constituted.

All topics considering the criteria of the application, the determination of the nominees, the regulations of the Commission's assignment and working process, and also other formalities needed for the legally correct execution of such an event according to the Russian Federation laws are stated in the provision.

The editorial office of the Light and Engineering journal organizes it.

The representatives of the commission and its operating procedure are approved by the order of the sole Executive Body - the editorial office of the Light and Engineering journal. The representatives of MPEI and VNISI will also be included in the commission staff.

The competition is open. The participants - whether individuals or legal entities - are the most active partners. An honorary title and valuable prizes are awarded to the winner of any of the nominations.

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