Light & Engineering 30 (№5. 2022). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 30 (5)

Volume 30
Date of publication 10/26/2022
Pages 114

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Light & Engineering 30 (№5. 2022). Electronic version
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George V. Boos, Leonid B. Prikupets, and Vladislav G. Terekhov
The Effect of the Irradiation Dose and Time Factors on Producing Capacity of Lettuce and Leaf Vegetables in Photo-Culture Conditions

Vladimir P. Budak, Nikolay S. Epikhov, and Pavel A. Smirnov
Definition Problems of the Term “Lightness” in the History of its Development

Ivan A. Chuprov, Daniil N. Konstantinov, Dmitry S. Efremenko, Vyacheslav V. Zemlyakov, and Jiexing Gao
Solution of the Radiative Transfer Equation for Vertically Inhomogeneous Media by Numerical Integration Solvers: Comparative Analysis

Vladimir V. Shipko, Vitold E. Pozhar, Alexander S. Machikhin, Ivan A. Balandin, Sergey M. Borzov, Alexander V. Lushchik, and Alexander V. Kiselev
Development of a Hyperspectral System with Controlled Spectral, Spatial, and Radiometric Resolution

Roland Brémond
Stimulus Range Effect in Discomfort Glare Studies

Vladimir E. Karpenko
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Light Installations and Night Urban Environment

Marina A. Sokolova, Natalya.V. Bystryantseva, and Marina A. Silkina
Experience in Design-Plastic Modelling of the Light Environment: Part 2. Space and Light as Fragment of the Urban Environment

Marina A. Sokolova, Natalya V. Bystryantseva, and Marina A. Silkina
Experience in Design-Plastic Modelling of the Light Environment:. Part 3. Space and Light as Artistic Language of Light

Arzu Cilasun Kunduraci
Lighting Design for Elderly Living in Residential Care Facilities

Mina Alilou and Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad
The Effect of CCT on Vitality and Population Absorption in Urban Area Case Study: The Safavi Bridge Urban Area in Karaj, Iran

Mourad Talbi, Nawel Mensia, Jassem Arfaoui, and Abdelmajid Zairi
Modelling of Novel Architecture of PV Generator Based on a-Si: H/c-Si Materials and Using Solar Tracker for Partial Shading

Nina P. Nesterkina, Olga Yu. Kovalenko, Yulia A. Zhuravlyova, Ilya A. Oleynik, and Svetlana A. Shegurenkova
Research of the Characteristics of a Modular Luminaire with LEDs for Outdoor Lighting

Anatoly I. Nikitin, Vadim A. Nikitin, Alexander M. Velichko, Tamara F. Nikitina
New Method for Determining Distances to Remote Objects


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