Light & Engineering 29 (№5(1). 2021). Paper version

Light & Engineering 29 (5)

Volume 5
Date of publication 10/20/2021
Pages 1-82

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Light & Engineering 29 (№5(1). 2021). Paper version
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Alexei K. Solovyov
Daylight, Solar Radiation, Architectural Expression, and Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Alexei K. Solovyov and Hong-Tham T. Pham
Holographic Optical Elements: Advantages and Disadvantages for Efficient Lighting, Sun Protection, and Photovoltaic Power Supply of Buildings

Alexei K. Solovyov, Bi Ruipu, and Nguyen Thi Khanh Phuong
Preliminary Assessment of the Energy Efficiency of theTrombe Walls in Buildings with Passive Use of Solar Energy

Sergey V. Stetsky and Kira O. Larionova
Supplementary Artificial Lighting of Interiors as a Factor to Create a Comfortable Lighting Environment in Working Premises of Office Buildings: A Review

Sergey V. Stetsky and Kira O. Larionova
Assessment of the Insolation Duration for the Facades of Buildings and Adjacent Territories under Certain Parameters of their Development

Adham I. Giyasov
Prerequisites for the Calculation of Natural Lighting of Premises Taking into Account the Insolation Component in the Region of Equatorial Latitudes

Alexander M. Ibragimov, Lyubov Y. Gnedina, and Svetlana V. Gerasimova
The Usage of Solar Power in the Heating Treatment of Concrete

Pavel A. Khavanov
Autonomous Active Solar Energy Systems for Heat Supply in Housing and Communal Services

Alexander P. Konstantinov
A Method for Evaluating the Daylighting of Premises Using BIM

Elena G. Malyavina, Anastasia A. Frolova, and Sergey S. Landyrev
Microclimate Parameters Evaluation for Spaces with Windows of Different Thermal Protection

Alexander A. Plotnikov
A Method of Reducing the Distorting Curvature of Insulated Glass Units Due to Partial Rarefaction in Interglass Space

Kirill A. Solovyov
Luminaires and the History of the Development of Artificial Lighting in Russia


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