Light & Engineering 31 (№1. 2023). Paper version

Light & Engineering 31 (1)

Volume 31
Date of publication 02/15/2023
Pages 106

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Light & Engineering 31 (№1. 2023). Paper version
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George V. Boos
Museum Lighting as one of the Priorities of the Russian Light and Engineering Industry

Elena A. Zaeva-Burdonskaya and Yuri V. Nazarov
Search Paths and Solutions for new Forms of Museum Exhibition Lighting

Sergei S. Baev, Sergei E. Nikolaev, Yuri A. Barbar, and Konstantin A. Tomsky
Russian-Made Wireless Lighting and Microclimate Monitoring and Control Systems Accounting for Features of Museum Premises

Vladimir P. Budak and Denis N. Makarov
State-of-the-Art Capabilities of Computer Graphics in Museum Lighting Modelling

Victor B. Dorokhov
Light and Climate: Regulatory Requirements and Practice of Cultural Valuables Preservation

Ekaterina S. Lezzhova
Criteria of Museum Colour and Luminous Environment Concept Selection

Leonid G. Novakovsky and Lyubov E. Volgina
Lighting of Exhibitions in Museums with Limited Power Supply Capabilities

Sergey N. Sizy
Design of Exhibition Lighting Considering Damaging Impact of Light

Margarita P. Belyakova, Karsten Winkels, Andrei N. Turkin, and Eugene A. Filipenko
Museum as an Object of Light Design

Natalya V. Kezina
Ethics of Exhibition Space Lighting in Art Museums

Natalya V. Potapova
How to Expand Target Audience of a Museum by Using Light

Tatiana V. Trishina
Invisible Power of Light: Spectral Engineering Experience in Exhibition Lighting

Roman V. Milstein
Modernisation of the Lighting System in Treasury of the Tretyakov Gallery

Elena I. Prokhanova
Illumination in Restoration Workshops: Pressing Challenges and Their Solutions

Sakir Parlakyıldız
Visual Comfort at the Road Lighting on the Border Line

Sakir Parlakyıldız
The Effects of Luminaire Glass Type on Road Parameters in Road Lighting


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