Light & Engineering 30 (№6. 2022). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 30 (6)

Volume 6
Date of publication 12/19/2022
Pages 1-138

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Light & Engineering 30 (№6. 2022). Electronic version
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Demid D. Khokhlov and Vitold E. Pozhar
Spectral Endoscopy: Technical Means and Methods

Vladislav I. Batshev, Alexander S. Machikhin, Alexander V. Kryukov, Alina S. Beliaeva, Ivan A. Balandin, Victor N. Solovyov, Michail Yu. Minenkov, Daria A. Shumakova, Eugene Yu. Kulkov, and Vitold E. Pozhar
Development of a Multispectral Video Endoscope for Recognition of Foreign Substances during Non-destructive Testing of Hard-to-reach Cavities

Anastasia A. Zolotukhina, Anastasia V. Guryleva, and Alexander S. Machikhin
Method of Wave-Front Characterisation in Endoscopic Probes

Alina S. Beliaeva, Galina E. Romanova, Vladislav I. Batshev, and Milana O. Sharikova
Colour Reproduction by System Consisting of a Radiation Source and Acousto-optic Tuneable Filter

Alexandra E. Gavlina, Vladislav I. Batshev, Alexei S. Veselov, and Ivan A. Balandin
Development of an Ophthalmological Video System for a Stereomicroscope for Vitreoretinal Operations

Vitold E. Pozhar and Alexander S. Machikhin
Spectral-Polarization Systems of Three-Dimensional Computer Vision Based on Acousto-Optic Filtering

Olga V. Polschikova, Alexey V. Gorevoy, and Alexander S. Machikhin
Experimental Study of the Influence of the Transmission Function of Acousto-Optic Tuneable Filter on the Characteristics of the Interference Pattern in Off-Axis Digital Holography

Eugene A. Dyakonov and Vitold E. Pozhar
Methods for Calculating the Shape of the Spectral Transmission Window of an Acousto-Optic Filter

Sergey A. Titov, Vitold E. Pozhar, and Vladimir A. Lomonov
Experimental Evaluation of the Structure of Dynamic Diffraction Gratings in Acousto-Optic Devices

Pavel A. Nikitin
THz-Band Acousto-optic Methods

Alexander B. Bogomolov, Pavel V. Zinin, Ivan S. Pavlov, Artyom S. Galkin, and Andrey L. Golovin
Studying of Degradation of Fluorescent Properties of Graphite-Like Carbon Nitride

Kamil M. Bulatov, Pavel V. Zinin, Alexander S. Machikhin, and Igor B. Kutuza
Multi-Spectral Camera for Dynamic Measurements of High Temperature Distribution over Solid-Body Surfaces

Alexander I. Lyashenko, Yuri A. Goldin, Ekaterina M. Volodina, and Vladislav A. Kukushkin
Three-Wavelength YAG: Nd3+ Laser System for Lidar Sounding of Marine Areas

Alexander A. Tikhomirov, Vladimir V. Velichko, and Sofya A. Ushakova
Photobiological Efficiency of Radiation of LED Radiators for Cenoses of Different Age Plants in Relation to Conditions of Closed Ecosystems

Belgin Terim Cavka and Arzu Feruz
The Impact of Passive Solar Shading Elements in Traditional Residential Buildings of Aegean Region

Zuleyha Ok Davarcı, Mustafa Sahin, and Onur Akar
Luminance Measurement and Estimation Methods in Road

Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Lighting Master Plan Application in Living Areas


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