Light & Engineering 29 (№2. 2021). Paper version

Light & Engineering 29 (2)

Volume 2
Date of publication 04/22/2021
Pages 1-110

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Light & Engineering 29 (№2. 2021). Paper version
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Alexander A. Tikhomirov
Intracanopy Lighting in Phytocenoses and Photobiological Efficiency of Radiation in Photoculture Conditions

Valeria B. Golovkina and Valeria R. Ryazanova
Design Concept for Lighting Phytosystems for Public Spaces

Svetlana A. Ovchukova, Nadezhda P. Kondratieva, and Olga Y. Kovalenko
Energy Saving in Lighting Technologies of Agricultural Production

Alexander L. Wasserman and Anton Yu. Scopin
Dual-Function Germicidal Recirculators for Air Disinfection and Erythema Irradiation or Room Lighting

Sergei Yu. Pleshkov, Gennaro Bracale, and Alexander L. Kuznetsov
Study of the Acoustic Properties of Lighting Systems Based on Hollow Mirrored Tubular Light Guides

Suddhasatwa Chakraborty, Debtanu Ray and Saswati Mazumdar
Introduction of a New Lighting Class for Motorized Roads in Indian Scenario

Michael Yu. Kataev, Maria M. Dadonova and Dmitry S. Efremenko
Illumination Correction of Multi-Time RGB Images Obtained with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Biswadeep Gupta Bakshi and Biswanath Roy
A Generalized Dynamic Conductance Model for High Intensity Discharge Lamps and its Prospective Application to Design Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Jaemin Kim
Simulation Study on Factors to be Considered for Each Type of Indoor Luminaires and Light Sources when Converting to LEDs

Ana del Águila and Dmitry S. Efremenko
Accuracy Enhancement of the Two-Stream Radiative Transfer Model for Computing Absorption Bands at the Presence of Aerosols

Victor G. Oshlakov and Anatoly P. Shcherbakov
Optimisation of a Polarisation Nephelometer

Onur Akalp, Harun Ozbay, and Serhat Berat Efe
Design and Analysis of High-Efficient Driver Model for LED Luminaires


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