Light & Engineering 29 (№1. 2021). Paper version

Light & Engineering 29 (1)

Volume 1
Date of publication 02/24/2021
Pages 1-130

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Light & Engineering 29 (№1. 2021). Paper version
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Vladimir P. Budak and Julian B. Aizenberg
The Light Field and the Scope of Light Science

Stanislav Darula and Richard Kittler
The New Method to Calibrate ISO/CIE General Skies Modelled in Artificial Skies

Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya
Review of the Features of Using Mini-spectrometers with CCD-Arrays in Applied Photometry

Sangita Sahana and Biswanath Roy
Effect of Сhromaticity of Surrounding Light Sources on Mesopic Adaptation Luminance

Anatoly V. Abramov, Alexander A. Bogdanov, Andrei V. Danilko, Peter B. Dmitriev, Alexander V. Karev, and Andrei V. Stepanov
Inrush Current Measurement Methodology of LED Lighting Fixtures

Adham I. Giyasov
Lightplanograph Simulating Insolation of Buildings and Developments of the Arctic Zone of Russia

Dmitry S. Efremenko
Discrete Ordinate Radiative Transfer Model with the Neural Network Based Eigenvalue Solver: Proof of Concept

Daniil S. Shiryaev, Olga A. Kozyreva, Ivan S. Polukhin, Sergey A. Shcheglov, Svetlana A. Degtiareva, Maxim A. Odnoblyudov, and Vladislav E. Bougrov
The Intellectual Lighting and Data Transmission System Based on RGBW Light Emitting Diodes

Mourad Talbi, Nawel Mensia, and Hatem Ezzaouia
New Photovoltaic Module Model and a Comparative Study of MPPT Control Techniques

Sourin Bhattacharya, Suddhasatwa Chakraborty, and Susanta Ray
An Approach to Comparative Simulation of Road Lighting and Estimation of Associated Quality Parameters

Vladimir V. Vinogradov
Experimental Design in the USSR as Exemplified By Conceptual Design of Household Luminaires

Jiangtao Du and Steve Sharples
A Dynamic Analysis of the Impact of Air Pollution on the Daylight Avialability in an Open-Plan Office in London

Sergei V. Prytkov, Sergei S. Kapitonov, and Alexei S. Vinokurov
A Refinement of the Determination Method of the Linear Low-Pressure UV Lamps Radiant Flux

Sebastian Babilon, Janika Lenz, Sebastian Beck, Paul Myland, Julian Klabes, Stefan Klir, and Tran Quoc Khanh
Task-Related Luminance Distributions for Office Lighting Scenarios.


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