Light & Engineering 28 (№3. 2020). Electronic version

Light & Engineering 28 (3)

Volume 28
Date of publication 06/01/2020
Pages 1-106

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Light & Engineering 28 (№3. 2020). Electronic version
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Julian B. Aizenberg
International Activity in Field of Light and Engineering: Creative Report

Vladimir V. Voronov and Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
On Methodology for Designing Architectural Lighting of Production Site Interior

Aysegul Tereci and Оzge Оzata
Analysis and Strategies for Zonal Lighting Design of Konya Mevlana Museum and Mevlana Culture Centre Axis

Yulia A. Skorik
About Effect of LED Lighting and its Dynamics on Visual Functions and Overall State of a Spectator

Peter Bodrogi, Diana Carella, and Tran Quoc Khanh
Weighting the Relevance of the Different Colours in Subjective Assessments of Colour Preference

Fatih Atalar, Kerim Uzun, Ahmet Gedikli, Aysel Ersoy Yılmaz, and Mukden Uğur
A Study on the Effect of Light Sources on the Colour of Objects

Vera L. Zhbanova
Research into Methods for Determining Colour Differences in the CIELAB Uniform Colour Space

Phuong Thi Khanh Nguyen, Alexei K. Solovyov, and Hoa Thi Nguyen
The Simple Way to Upgrade the Daylight Standard for Tropical Vietnam

Leon A. Apresyan and Tatyana V. Vlasova
Asymmetric Effective Medium Approximation for Describing the Optical Characteristics of Randomly Inhomogeneous Media with Discrete Inclusions

Pavel V. Starshinov, Oleg A. Popov, Rimma A. Ilikeeva, Darya A. Bureeva, Igor V. Irkhin, Vladimir A. Levchenko, and Gennady P. Terekhov
High Efficiency Ferrite-Free Closed-Loop InductivelyCoupled Low Mercury Pressure Discharge UV Lamps

Rawan Al Youssif, Antoine Sahab, Georges Zissis, Walid Malaeb, and Mohamad Hamady
Calculation of Net Emission Coefficient for High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Sourish Chatterjee and Biswanath Roy
Design, Development and Practical Realization of a VLC Supportive Indoor Lighting System

Vladimir P. Budak, Victor S. Zheltov, Tatyana.V. Meshkova, and Victor D. Chembaev
Experimental Study of the New Criterion of Lighting Quality Based on Analysis of Luminance Distribution at Moscow Metro Stations


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