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Experimental Study of the New Criterion of Lighting Quality Based on Analysis of Luminance Distribution at Moscow Metro Stations. L&E 28 (3) 2020

Light & Engineering 28 (3)

Volume 28
Date of publication 06/01/2020
Pages 98–105


Experimental Study of the New Criterion of Lighting Quality Based on Analysis of Luminance Distribution at Moscow Metro Stations. L&E 28 (3) 2020
Articles authors:
Vladimir P. Budak, Viktor S. Zheltov, Tatiana V. Smirnova (Meshkova), Victor D. Chembaev

Vladimir P. Budak, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 1981, he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). At present, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Svetotekhnika / Light & Engineering journals, Professor of the Subdepartment of Light and Engineering in NRU “MPEI”. Full member of the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of Russia

Viktor S. Zheltov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Graduated in 2005 from the Subdepartment of Light and Engineering of NRU “MPEI”. Associate Professor of the subdepartment of Light and Engineering of NRU “MPEI”

Tatiana V. Smirnova (Meshkova), Ph. D. of Technical Sciences, M. Sc. (Environment Design), Senior Scientific Editor at Svetotekhnika / Light & Engineering Journals. She teaches the course Fundamentals of Lighting Concepts at the Light and Engineering sub-department of NRU MPEI. Her scientific interests revolve around lighting quality, lighting design, visual experiments, and discomfort

Victor D. Chembaev, engineer. He graduated from the Computer Systems and Networks sub-department (IU-6) of N.E. Baumann MGTU. At present, he is post-graduate student of the Lighting Engineering subdepartment of NRU MPEI

The article presents the experiment in studying a new criterion of lighting quality based on spatial and angular distribution of luminance proposed by the Lighting Engineering sub-department of NIU MPEI. The experiment studies correlation between expert evaluations of lighting quality at 21 stations of the Moscow Metro with analysis based on the criterion of quality of RAW-format luminance photographs of the stations made by means of a camera and adjusted according to luminance measured by a luminance meter. The obtained photos were processed using the proposed criterion. The article presents design of station models and calculations made by means of DIALux software and the programme developed (as part of the work) on the basis of local evaluations. It is demonstrated that the proposed criterion allows us to take account of extended veiling reflections and may be considered as enhancement of the unified glare rating UGR.
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