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The State of Museum Lighting in Russia L&E 28 (2) 2020

Light & Engineering 28 (2)

Volume 28
Date of publication 04/13/2020
Pages 38–46

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The State of Museum Lighting in Russia L&E 28 (2) 2020
Articles authors:
Aleksandra A. Bartseva, George V. Boos, Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Alyona B. Kuznetsova, Eugene I. Rozovsky

Aleksandra A. Bartseva, graduated from MPEI NRU in 2013, at present she is an engineer of VNISI, LLC

George V. Boos, Ph.D., RANS Academician, Winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, President of ILEC BL GROUP, head of the Light and Engineering Sub-Department of NIU MPEI, Chairman of the Science and Engineering Board of the Russian light and engineering industry, head of the Interstate Technical Committee and the National Technical Committee 332 of Rosstandart (Light Engineering and Artificial Lighting). In 1986, he graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), engineer electrician qualification, specialty in Light and Engineering and Light Sources

Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Engineer. He graduated from MPEI in 1962. At present, he is a Head of the Laboratory of Lighting and Light Devices at the Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I. Vavilov (VNISI)

Alyona B. Kuznetsova, graduated from MPEI NRU in 2011. At present, she is a Senior Research Fellow and postgraduate student at the Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I. Vavilov (VNISI)

Eugene I. Rozovsky, Ph.D. in Techinical Science (1984). Graduated from MPEI in 1971. Leading researcher of VNISI named after Vavilov N.I. Senior Scientific Editor of L&E Journal. An expert from the Russian Federation in TC34 IEC “Sources of light and related equipment”

The article contains the results of analysis of answers of 90 museums of the Russian Federation to questions regarding lighting of these museums as well as the results of inspection and measurement of lighting parameters (average exhibit illuminance, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index, and luminance distribution) conducted in 7 museums and 1 conservation centre. It is found that museum lighting in the Russian Federation generally complies with the applicable requirements and recommendations and requires fundamental changes only in few cases. Many museums already use light emitting diodes (LEDs) as light sources and are ready to cross over to LED lighting completely. In the meantime, museums (primarily small ones) consider lack of regulations in the sphere of museum lighting one of the major problems.
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