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Study of Lighting Systems with Extended  Hollow Light Guides L&E 28 (2) 2020

Light & Engineering 28 (2)

Volume 28
Date of publication 04/13/2020
Pages 54–60

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Study of Lighting Systems with Extended Hollow Light Guides L&E 28 (2) 2020
Articles authors:
Alexei I. Sterkhov

Alexei I. Sterkhov, engineer. Graduated from Izhevsk GTU in 2009. Technical director of Solargy group LLC. Research interests: lighting, energy saving, light guides

The article contains comparative results of studying of spectral characteristics of two different light transporting systems: based on DF2000MA polymer film (marketed) and based on vacuum-deposited silver coated with silicon and titanium oxides (own development). Studying of Alanod miro Silver 4270AG, Alanod miro Silver 4400AG and Alanod miro Silver 4400GP variants of Alanod miro Silver retroreflective material showed that chromaticity of output light of our light guide system is almost the same as that of input natural daylight in visible spectrum. Advantages of optical elements for the light guide system developed by us over those applied in the reference system are demonstrated.
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