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Navigation System Based on VLC Technology for Staff of Hermitage Museum. L&E 27 (6) 2019

Light & Engineering 27 (6)

Volume 27
Date of publication 12/20/2019
Pages 152–158

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Navigation System Based on VLC Technology for Staff of Hermitage Museum. L&E 27 (6) 2019
Articles authors:
Emil Z. Gareev, Yuri B. Sorokin, Igor M. Antropov, Anton E. Kurako, Antonina A. Puchkovskaya, Vladislav E. Bougrov

Emil Z. Gareev, graduated from the ITMO University magistracy in 2016. At present, he is post graduate student of the Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics Faculty, ITMO University

Yuri B. Sorokin graduated from the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Engineering of ITMO University in 2018. At present, he continues his studies in the ITMO University magistracy

Igor M. Antropov graduated from the bachelor program of the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of the Saint Petersburg State University in 2018. At present, he is the Master student at ITMO University

Anton E. Kurako graduated from the bachelor program of the Computer Engineering Department of ITMO University In 2018 and up to now he is continuing his studies in the magistracy, ITMO University

Antonina A. Puchkovskaya, Ph.D. in Cultural Science, she was a post graduate student at the Institute of Philosophy of Saint Petersburg State University in 2012. At present, she is a Head of the International Laboratory for Digital Humanities Research at ITMO University

Vladislav E. Bougrov, Associate Professor, Doctor of Phys.-Math. Sciences. In 1996, he graduated from the Department of Optoelectronics of the Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin). At present, he is Director of the megafaculty of Photonics, Professor at the Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics at ITMO University

We developed a navigation system based on wireless visible light data transmission channel and an algorithm for the decoding on smartphones. The work aims to create an interactive navigation system inside the Hermitage Museum for museum staff. The system was designed for using a modern smart-phone device as a receiver, a conventional LED illuminator as transmitter and a RGB diode as a navigation point in each room of the museum. We developed a modulator for data transmission, an algorithm for receiving and processing information using a stock camera of an iOS-based smart-phone, organized a point-to-point network between the LED illuminators and the server with a full back-end and front-end communication. The system allows transmitting data with rates up to 2 kbps on distance up to 1 meter.
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