Light & Engineering 27 (4) 2019. Electronic version

Light & Engineering 27 (4)

Volume 27
Date of publication 09/12/2019
Pages 1-115

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Light & Engineering 27 (4) 2019. Electronic version

Alexei V. Bogdanov and Vladimir A. Smirnov
Why it is Necessary to Revise the Standards of Exhibition Lighting

Boris G. Kuzyakin
Aspects of Exhibition Lighting in the State Hermitage

Anubrata Mondal and Kamalika Ghosh
Studies on Germicidal Benefit of Ultra Violet Ray upon Old Paper Documents

Lyubov E. Volgina
Light in the Museum: Experiences and Challenges

Leonid G. Novakovsky
Illumination of Paintings, Graphic Arts, Printed Products, Photographs: Problems and Possible Solutions

Nicolay I. Shchepetkov
Architectural Lighting in Museums

Anna G. Shakhparunyants, Eugene I. Rozovsky, Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, and Pavel A. Fedorishchev
LEDs in Museums: New Opportunities and Challenges

Karsten Winkels
Implementation of Exhibition Lighting Concept as Means of Artistic Expression through Example of “Russian Insomnia” Exhibition

Anatoly Sh. Chernyak, Alyona B. Kuznetsova, and Alexandra A. Bartseva
Measurement of Illumination Parameters of the Halls and Exhibited Items of the State Hermitage and the State Tretyakov Gallery

Sergei S. Bayev, Vladimir N. Kuzmin, and Konstantin A. Tomsky
Research of Optical Radiation Impact on Materials of Museum Exhibits and Requirements to Measurement Devices

Andrei V. Aladov, Alexander L. Zakgeim, and Anton E. Chernyakov
LED Museum Lighting: Back to Natural Light

Margarita P. Belyakova
Upgrade of Lighting in Hall 277 of the State Hermitage

Sergei V. Koynov and Dmitry M. Hodyrev
Museum Lighting: Approach, Example and Direction

Sergei A. Stakharny
Organic Light Emitting Diodes - Innovative Light Sources

Nicolay R. Vorobyov
Light Dramaturgy as an Element of an Integrated Approach to the Creation of Museum Expositions and Exhibition Projects


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