Light & Engineering 27 (3) 2019. Electronic version

Light & Engineering 27 (3)

Volume 27
Date of publication 08/06/2019
Pages 1-116

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Light & Engineering 27 (3) 2019. Electronic version

Maria M. Ilyevskaya
Interrelation of Architectural Concepts and Principles of Artificial Lighting in the Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye

Vladimir N. Anisimov
Light Desynchronosis and Health

Alexander V. Spiridonov and Nina P. Umnyakova
Inspection of the State (General and Instrumental) of Historical Translucent Structures of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Victor V. Belyaev, Donatien Nessemon, and Andrei A. Belyaev
Application of Display Technologies for Lighting

Merve Öner and Tuğçe Kazanasmaz
Illuminance and Luminance Based Ratios in the Scope of Performance Testing of a Light Shelf-Reflective Louver System in a Library Reading Room

Xiufang Zhao, Xin Zhang, and Kai Cui
Recreating the Tibetan Traditional Lighting in Local Modern Library: Research-Based Lighting Design in Yushu Library

Ksenia I. Nechaeva
The Reconstruction Project of Illumination Devices at the Krasnoselskaya Station of the Moscow Metro

Behçet Kocaman and Sabir Rüstemli
Comparison of LED and HPS Luminaries in Terms of Energy Savings at Tunnel Illumination

Mechmet Sait Cengiz
The Relationship between Maintenance Factor and Lighting Level in Tunnel Lighting

Ana del Águila, Dmitry S. Efremenko, and Thomas Trautmann
A Review of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Processing Hyper-Spectral Optical Signal

Vitold E. Pozhar, Alexander S. Machikhin, Maxim I. Gaponov, Sergei V. Shirokov, Mikhail M. Mazur and Alexei E. Sheryshev
Hyper-spectrometer Based on an Acousto-optic Tuneable Filters for UAVS

Michael Young-gon Lee and Sergei V. Fedorov
Double Beam Spectrophotometer for Simultaneous Measurements of the Upwelling Sea Radiance and the Incident See Irradiance

Olga E. Zheleznikova and Sergei V. Prytkov
On the Issue of Transformation of Spatial Photometric Systems


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