Light & Engineering 27 (2)

Light & Engineering 27 (2)

Volume 27
Date of publication 04/20/2019
Pages 1-117

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Peter Thorns
Review of the Current State and Future Development in Standardising Artificial Lighting

Natalia A. Saprykina
Innovative Conceptions of Natural Light Using as an Essential Component of the Formation of Architectural Space

Nicolai L. Pavlov
The Sun Ray as a Tool to Design an Architectural Form

Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Simulation and Design Study for Interior Zone Luminance in Tunnel Lighting

Leonid G. Novakovsky and Sergei A. Feofanov
Reconstruction of Illumination Devices at the Moscow Metro

Anil Can Duman and Önder Güler
Techno-Economic Analysis of Off-Grid PV LED Road Lighting Systems for Antalya Province of Turkey

Vladimir V. Vorozhikhin, Eugenia L. Moreva, Vladimir G. Starovoytov, and Igor G. Tyutyunnik
Possibility of Using in Russia the Experience of LED Lighting Application at the USA Airfields

Seher Ates, Mustafa B. Yurtseven, and Sermin Onaygil
Design of a Chip on Board (COB) LED Based Industrial Luminaire with Thermal Simulations

Victor P. Afanas’ev, Vladimir P. Budak, Dmitry S. Efremenko, and Pavel S. Kaplya
Application of the Photometric Theory of the Radiance Field in the Problems of Electron Scattering

Mikhail V. Tarasenkov, Egor S. Poznakharev and Vladimir V. Belov
The Statistical Evaluations of Transmission Characteristics, Limits of Ranges and Speeds of Transmission of Information Via the Pulsed Atmospheric Bistatic Optical Channels

Alexander S. Shcherbakov and Vladimir A. Frolov
Matrix Transformations for Effective Implementation of Radiosity Algorithm Using Graphic Processors

Adham Giyasov
The Role of the Solar Irradiation Plate for Estimation of the Insolation Regime of Urban Territories and Buildings


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