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Application of Intelligent Lighting Control System in Different Sports Events in Sports Venues. L&E 26 (4) 2018

Light & Engineering 26 (4)

Volume 26
Date of publication 12/20/2018
Pages 165–171

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Application of Intelligent Lighting Control System in Different Sports Events in Sports Venues. L&E 26 (4) 2018
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Peng DONG studied in the Northeast Normal University and received his bachelor degree in 2004, and then obtained a master degree in the Liaoning Normal University in 2009. Now Mr. Dong is employed in the Dalia Maritime University as an associate professor, whose research fields are fitness and bodybuilding guide and the kendo development in the university students’ group

This paper analyzes the application of intelligent lighting control system in different sports events in sports venues, which is based on the perspective of computer technology. Firstly, this paper analyzes the characteristics of different sports events lighting system in stadiums, proposes a lighting demand analysis algorithm based on gray­scale modulation model, and designs a control algorithm based on neural network for intelligent lighting control system. Finally, the paper tests the designed algorithm and the results show that the intelligent lighting control system is effective. The application can play an important role in the optimization of lighting systems in different sports venues, with the value of further promotion in practice.
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