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A Simple Technique to Determine Snow Properties Using Light Reflectance Measurements. L&E 26 (4) 2018

Light & Engineering 26 (4)

Volume 26
Date of publication 12/20/2018
Pages 27–37

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A Simple Technique to Determine Snow Properties Using Light Reflectance Measurements. L&E 26 (4) 2018
Articles authors:
Alexander A. Kokhanovsky

Alexander A. Kokhanovsky, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Research Scientist, VITROCISET Belgium SPRL. He has graduated from the Physics Department of the Belarussian State University in 1983. Dr. Kokhanovsky has received the Ph.D. in 1991 and degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in 2011. Currently he is engaged in satellite remote sensing of terrestrial atmosphere and surface using optical instrumentation

In this paper we review theoretical foundations of reflectance spectroscopy of snow. Simple approximate equations are presented, which can be used to calculate snow absorption/extinction coefficients and also snow reflectance. The equations derived could also be used to solve the inverse radiation transfer problem. The technique can be applied to other types of turbid media with large weakly absorbing particles. It has potential for the interpretation both: ground­based and airborne, or satellite, measurements of light reflected from cryosphere of our planet, and also has potential for applications to planetary imaging spectroscopy in general.
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