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 Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 188-193


The Use of LEDBased Digital Optical Ministicks as MultiFunctional Controls for Unified HumanMachine Interfaces. L&E 26 (3) 2018
Articles authors:
Sergey A. Golubin, Vladimir S. Nikitin, Roman B. Belov

post-graduate of Federal State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Р.A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» (RSATU). He is graduated from RSATU in 2013. At present, he is a systems engineer in Tenzosensor LLC

Ph.D. and CEO&founder of Tenzosensor LLC. Inventor and idea man, leading expert in the field of R&D organization and performance, strategy development, organization of project team work. Miscellaneous expert in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Material Sciences, highly qualified designer. At present, he is the director of LLC «Scientific and Technical Centre “Introphysics”»

Deputy General Director, Chief Designer of the Scientific and Production Enterprise “Tenzosensor”, and a research engineer, a highly skilled designer and an experienced manager, has extensive experience in a senior position in the central design bureau, oversees the development and production of innovative products, and is fluently active in modern CAD systems

The active development of robotics requires increasingly complex remote control devices. The remote control devices are increasingly large, complex, and expensive. They decrease economic efficiency of robotics and increase their price.
The scientific task is the research into possibility of applying optical ministicks on the basis of light emitting diodes as the new type basic multifunctional controls of unified human­machine interfaces allowing us to control commonly known robotic equipment types using identical devices. During the research original ergonomic methods of purposeful combination of two ministicks on two actuating levers were used so that to provide convenience of tactile control of various robots without visual contact with controls.
As a result of the research, new controls were created and patented. They became known as “polyjoysticks” (patent of Russian Federation No. 2497177) and allow controlling engineering facilities having up to 20 degrees of freedom which exceeds the similar parameters of known controls by factor of 3 to 5. Due to combined use of optical ministicks, two polyjoysticks and a video mask, a new generalpurpose generation humanmachine interface was created. It allows controlling various robots and vehicles, from tractor to aircraft.
The discussion of the obtained results was carried out by comparing them with parameters of control panels of different robotics systems. The analysis of the comparison results has shown that the controls based on polyjoysticks and digital optical ministicks on the basis of light emitting diodes have the best indices in terms of implemented among known control devices, in terms of ratio of functionality to weight and volume of the devices. New interfaces have already been applied for developing multiagent robotic system control system for fire forest extinguishing.
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