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 Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 4-6


The Science of Light Engineering, Fields of Application and Theoretical Foundations. L&E 26 (3) 2018
Articles authors:
Julian B. Aizenberg, Vladimir P. Budak

Prof. Dr. of Technical science, graduated from the Moscow Power Institute in 1954, General Editor of Svetotekhnika/ Light & Engineering Journal and chief researcher of VNISI named after S.I. Vavilov, Full Member of the Academy of Electro-technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, Honoured inventor of the RF

Vladimir P. Budak, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 1981, he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). At present, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Svetotekhnika / Light & Engineering journals, Professor of the Subdepartment of Light and Engineering in NRU “MPEI”. Full member of the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of Russia

The article discussed two important problems, which have not been addressed previously:
– The conceptual interpretation of lighting engineering, and the expansion of its definition beyond illumination, which has became widely accepted. An expanded concept of lighting engineering proposed by the authors includes all fields of application of optical radiation (light): illumination, irradiation, phototherapy (light therapy), light alarm systems, light location, light design, etc;
– The problem of developing the theoretical foundation of Lighting Engineering. Differences between three existing light theories are summarised. The first one is quantum theory, explaining all known light phenomena. The second one is wave theory based on the provision that light spreads in waves. The third theory is beam and photometric based on the light field theory, which is the most widely applied and simple for practical calculations and simulation.
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