Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Light & Engineering 26 (3)

Volume 26
Date of publication 09/28/2018
Pages 1-194


Light & Engineering 26 (3) 2018. Electronic version
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Julian B. Aizenberg and Vladimir P. Budak The Science of Light Engineering, Fields of Application and Theoretical Foundations

Anton M. Mishchenko, Sergei S. Rachkovsky, Vladimir A. Smolin, and Igor V. Yakimenko Results of Spatial Structure of Atmosphere Radiation in a Spectral Range (1.5–2) µm Research

Michail Yu. Kataev and Andrei K. Lukyanov Simulation of Reflected Solar Radiation for Atmosphere Gas Composition Evaluation for Optical Remote Sensing from Space

Nikolai N. Bogdanov, Andrei D. Zhdanov, Dmitriy D. Zhdanov, and Igor S. Potyomin Analysis of Errors in the Relief of Scattering Microstructures in Light-Conducting Systems Modelling

Nicolai I. Shchepetkov, George N. Cherkasov, and Vladimir A. Novikov Lighting of Engineering Structures and Industrial Facilities: New Aspects of the Topic

Zhiqiao WANG Development of LED Light Sources in Landscape Lighting

Jing LIU Application and Development of LED Display in Sports Field

Xiaodong YI and Min ZHOU Detection and Analysis of LED Display System in Large Stadiums

Leonid G. Novakovsky and Sergei A. Feofanov A Correct Illumination of an Escalator is a Set of Radical Solutions

Wenhao DUN Evaluation Model of Lighting Environment for Subway Station Space Based on Back- Propagation Neural Network

Alexander N. Belkin and Victoria V. Dormidontova Features of Artificial Illumination of Historical and Modern Landscape Compositions

Svetlana A. Amelkina, Olga E. Zheleznikova, and Lyudmila V. Sinitsyna On the Efficiency of Lighting by LEDs in Visual Work

Wenting ZHANG and Jianjun WNAG Practice and Discussion on Lighting Design of Urban Landscape Bridge

Nina Carli, Armin. Sperling, and Grega Bizjak Optimization Methods for Spectral Synthesizing of a Tuneable Colour Light Source

Tatyana V. Shirokikh and Valery E. Ivanov Diamonds Colour Measurements

Yuri V. Nazarov, Alla A. Kornilova, and Sergei M. Tyurin Light Decoration of a City as an Art Interpretation of Architectural Basis (as Exemplified by Astana)

Nina A. Muraviova, Alexei K. Soloviev, and Sergei V. Stetsky Comfort Light Environment under Natural and Combined Lighting: Method of Their Characteristics Definition with Subjective Expert Appraisal Using

Bojun WANG, Xiaojun LIU, and Yanping YANG Energy Efficiency Retrofitting of Lighting in University Libraries Based on Illumination Suitability Analysis

Oleg A. Popov, Pavel V. Starshinov, and Victoriya N. Vasina Electrode-Less Ferrite-Free Closed-Loop InductivelyCoupled Fluorescent Lamp

Michael van der Meer, Fred van Lierop, and Dmitry V. Sokolov On the Effectiveness of Modern Low-pressure Amalgam Lamps

Alexander M. Mayorov and Michael I. Mayorov Pulsed Ignition Devices with New Circuit Solutions

Sergei S. Kapitonov, Anastasia V. Kapitonova, Sergei Yu. Grigorovich, Sergei A. Medvedev, and Taher Sobhy Research and Modelling on Electrical and Thermal Mode of LEDs Operation in the Luminaire

Eugene Yu. Shamparov, Inna N. Zhagrina, and Sergei V. Rode Radiant Heat Conduction in the Heat Insulating Lightweight Materials

Weiping ZHANG, Shuming LI, Junfeng YU, and Yihua MAO Manufacturing Cost Optimization of Photovoltaic Enterprises Based on Neural Network

Zewen WANG Big Data Survey on Employee Exercise in New HighTech Photovoltaic Enterprises: Highlights on Start-Up Photovoltaic Companies

Anna Yu. Turkina, Irina A. Novikova, Andrei N. Turkin, and Galina N. Shelemetieva Operation Field Illuminance in Dentistry

Sergei A. Golubin, Vladimir. S. Nikitin, and Roman B. Belov The Use of LED-Based Digital Optical Ministicks as Multi-Functional Controls for Unified Human-Machine Interfaces

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